Mighty Instrumentals Soul & R&B-Style 1965 LP

Mighty Instrumentals Soul & R&B-Style 1965 LP

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Side One
1. Beverly Pitts Just Some Soul
2. Sly Buttermilk (Pt. 2)
3. The Packers  Hole In The Wall
4. Lorenzo Holden  The Wig
5. Perry & The Harmonics James Goes To Soulville
6. Ike Turner Kings Of Rhythm The New Breed (Pt. 2)
7. Cobra Kings  Big Limas
8. Leon & The Burners  Crack Up

Side Two
1. Dino & The Dell-Tones   Slapstick
2. Johnny Talbot   Never Make Your Baby Cry
3. Hubert Sumlin   Tators And Mators
4. The Blendells   Get Your Baby
5. The Corky Wilkie Band   Something Swinging
6. The Dukeys   Sho-Nuf M.F.
7. Lonnie Brooks  The Train
8. The In Crowd   Cat Dance
9. Junior Parker  These Kind Of Blues (Pt. 2)


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From Junior Parker to Sly Stone, from Lonnie Brooks to Ike Turner, we’ve got Soul meets R&B 1965-style. There’s Club Sounds, a Bit of Funk, Soul Cha-Cha, Groovy Guitar Workouts, Wurlitzer Magic, Freak-Out Party Sounds, Twisted Blues Grooves, Late Night Smoochers. Plenty of Organ. Plenty of Soul. No Twangy Guitar. No Honkin’. No Screamin’. Just Instrumentals Soul and R&B-Style.

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