Ray Charles In Concert In The Sixties

Ray Charles In Concert In The Sixties

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Side One

1.     One Mint Julep

2.     What ‘d I Say

3.     Talkin’ Bout You

4.     Let’s Go Get Stoned

5.     I Don’t Need No Doctor

6.     Tell the Truth

7.     I’m Movin’ On


Side Two

1.     Hit The Road Jack

2.     Unchain My Heart

3.     Don’t Set Me Free

4.     I Believe To My Soul

5.     Busted

6.     Yes Indeed

7.     I Got A Woman


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Here are fourteen classic tracks from the Ray Charles repertoire selected from shows he performed around the world from 1961 to 1970:  Paris, Antibes, Prato (Italy), São Paulo, Stockholm with a couple of TV appearances for good measure (plus one from Newport).

“If it’s really something good that was not on the record, that’s okay, because when I perform I can make the performance of the song better than the record was.”

So said the man himself and as you can hear on this record, nothing can quite match the excitement of the Ray Charles Show from the Sixties. Sound quality is excellent throughout.

Limited edition 600 copies.