ROLLING STONES BEGINNINGS From Blue Boys To Playing Chess and Yesterday’s Papers 2CDs

ROLLING STONES BEGINNINGS From Blue Boys To Playing Chess and Yesterday’s Papers 2CDs


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Two CDs analysing the songs and styles that inspired the Rolling Stones with two fully illustrated 24-page booklets.

CD1 covers 1962-1964, documenting how Little Blue Boy and the Blue Boys became first the Rollin’ Stones and then the Rolling Stones we know and love today. The journey takes us from reel-to-reel recordings in suburban front rooms via primitive London studios with egg-box soundproofing to the legendary Chess studios in Chicago.

On CD 2, we focus on the seminal years 1962- 1965 as the Stones evolved from duplicating the music made by their American idols and start to give it their own distinctive treatment. Even after fifty years these 27 tracks tells us a lot about the musical DNA of the Rolling Stones. Dig in!

This compilation set highlights the cover versions responsible for shaping the Stones sound, then and now.


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Disc One
1. Got Love If You Want It Slim Harpo
2. Road Runner Bo Diddley
3. Bring It to Jerome Bo Diddley
4. A Young Man Mose Allison
5. Pretty Thing Bo Diddley
6. Spoonful Howlin’ Wolf
7. Smoke Stack Lightnin’ Howlin’ Wolf
8. Money Barrett Strong
9. Ooh Poo Pah Doo Jessie Hill
10. You Can’t Sit Down Phil Upchurch
11. Mannish Boy Muddy Waters
12. I Don’t Mind James Brown
13. Daddy Rollin’ Stone Otis Blackwell
14. Please, Please, Please James Brown
15. Love Hurts Roy Orbison
16. Just You And Me Darling James Brown
17 Runaround Sue Dion
18. Barbara Ann Regents
19.See See Rider Ray Charles
20.Hall Of The Mountain King Nero & The Gladiators
21. Land Of Hope And Glory The Goons
22. Eastern Journey Tony Crombie
23. Bolero Reverie Tony Crombie
24. Bony Moronie Larry Williams
25. Johnny B Goode Chuck Berry
26. Rumble Link Wray

Disc Two
1. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone Elvis Presley
2. Beautiful Delilah Chuck Berry
3. Bo Diddley Bo Diddley
4. I Ain’t Got You Billy Boy Arnold
5. Dust My Blues Elmore James
6. Little Queenie Chuck Berry
7. Big Boss Man Jimmy Reed
8. Look What You’ve Done Muddy Waters
9. Hey Bo Diddley Bo Diddley
10. Memphis Chuck Berry
11. Bad Boy Eddie Taylor
12. Bright Lights, Big City Jimmy Reed
13. I’m A Hog For You The Coasters
14. Bye Bye Johnny Chuck Berry
15. I Know (I’m Alright) Bo Diddley
16. Don’t Want No Woman Bobby “Blue” Bland
17. Close Together Jimmy Reed
18. Soon Forgotten Muddy Waters
19. Back In The USA Chuck Berry
20. Poison Ivy The Coasters
21. La Bamba Ritchie Valens
22. Money Barrett Strong
23. Apache The Shadows
24. Crackin’ Up Bo Diddley
25. Come On Chuck Berry
26. Over You Aaron Neville
27. Road Runner Bo Diddley

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