Where Southern Soul Began Vol. 3 2CD

Where Southern Soul Began Vol. 3 2CD



As Southern Soul reached its Golden Age around 1965-65, it was mining a rich seam of music that went back to blues gospel and country. In our third look at the music that went into Southern Soul, we have unearthed a shining array of rare gems from both male and female singers, who scream, cry and shout out their emotions. This elemental feel to the collection goes hand in hand with stunning arrangements and musicianship that will bring joy to anyone’s heart.

Soul 002 & 017 Where Southern Soul Began 1 & 2
‘These two 2-cd volumes are a fine way to trace the roots of what we now call ‘southern soul’, beginning back in 1954 through to 1962,.I immediately want to deliver a ‘star pick’ rating to the first volume., ultimately, its clear that the two sets are highly complimentary, excellently presented and really should be sitting together on the record shelves.’
STAR PICK***** x2. Bob Cole Basement Group Review

‘Listening to the impressive tracks on these 2 CDs, and reading through the full colour 28 page booklet that accompanies it, these influences are mostly easy to identify and associate with. The overall standard of these 54 tracks is amazingly high and there are hours of fun to be had here, in the unlikely event that you ever tire of this collection, there is always the rest of the series to catch up with!’
Red Lick Records

Designed by connoisseurs for connoisseurs, these amazing collections of rare sides have notes written by John Ridley, that great treasure hunter of soul music. Once you’re on the train it moves at breakneck speed. Houston, Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, the stations parade by, never stopping more than three minutes on the same artist, the time it takes to listen to one side of a 45. Some well-known faces sit alongside a genuine crowd of forgotten heroes of soul and rhythm and blues. Perfectly delightful and surprisingly varied.
Julien Cure – Soul Bag (France)


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Disc One

1. Baby Come And Get It The Adorables
2. Laughing At Me Nellie Rutherford
3. That’s The Way It Is With Me Barbara Stephens
4. I’ll Have To Let You Go Sally Stanley
5. Heartaches And Troubles Roosevelt Nettles
6. Everybody’s Talking Bob & Peggy
7. Velma Roland Dice
8. If You Love Me Willie Mays
9. Goodbye Fred Lowery
10. Mary Lou Doing The Popeye Shelton Dunaway
11. Stay A Little Longer Gene Allison
12. Better To Give Than To Receive Joe Hinton
13. Push A Little Harder Clarence Reid
14. I Wonder Why The Largos
15. Baby You’re Right Joe Tex
16. The State Song Eddie Taylor
17. Never Come Back Larry Seibert
18. Home Is Where You Come Little David
19. Goodbye My Love Oscar Perry
20. Homework Otis Rush
21. Baby It’s True Love Roscoe Shelton
22. What’s In The Heart The “5” Royales
23. Come On Home Louis Jones
24. I Can Learn The Chains
25. Misery Loves Company Johnny Stewart
26. I’m Calling My Baby Gene Vell
27. Hey Hey Baby Otis Redding
28. Don’t Mess With My Man Margo White

Disc Two

1. The Wash The Varios
2. So Many Times Levenia Lewis
3. Be Your Own Judge Joe Tex
4. A Fool’s Tears Claude Shermack
5. Go Home Girl Arthur Alexander
6. Stealing Joe Medwick
7. If This Is Goodbye Harry & The Keyavas
8. Don’t Make Me Cry Frankie Lee
9. Morning Train Chuck Edwards
10. You’re Everything Carolyn Corley
11. Please Wait Charles James
12. Rocking All the Time Roy Brown
13. Wait a Minute Barbara Stephens
14. Bad Boy Fontella Bass
15. Time Brings About A Change Grover Mitchell
16. Somebody Better Come Here Quick Clarence & Calvin
17. How Long Can This Go On? Little Junior Parker
18. Keep On Trying Guitar Ray
19. I Don’t Care Sherman Evans
20. The Biggest Fool Emorise Kelley
21. Can It All Be Love Oscar Toney Jr
22. You’re Something Else Al “TNT” Braggs
23. Lonely No More Little Milton
24. Why Not Give Me A Chance Jackie Verdell
25. I Lost The Best Things I Ever Had Ted Taylor
26. Search No More Jimmy Dotson
27. Every Night In The Week Larry Birdsong

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