Where Southern Soul Began Vol. 2 2CD

Where Southern Soul Began Vol. 2 2CD



The music that led to southern soul is just too good to cram into one volume, so Part 2 of Where Southern Soul Began, showcases many more artists who contributed to the birth of the genre. The songs come from all parts of the south of the US: from New Orleans via Miami and from Mobile, Alabama to Memphis and Nashville. Many of these then unsung heroes such as Ted Taylor, Joe Tex, Otis Redding and William Bell, went on to have highly successful careers, and this set gives a valuable insight into the music they were making before the big hits started coming. Other artists featured are more obscure as they made only a few recordings before fading from view. Yet singers such as Steve Dixon, George Hughley and Prince Conley made just as valid a contribution to the beginnings of southern soul.

The music here inspired the giants of black American music in the sixties. It combines elements of country, R & B, doo-wop, gospel and blues, and retains the ability to move listeners some 50 years on with its emotional intensity and musical power.

Soul 002 & 017 Where Southern Soul Began 1 & 2
‘These two 2-cd volumes are a fine way to trace the roots of what we now call ‘southern soul’, beginning back in 1954 through to 1962,.I immediately want to deliver a ‘star pick’ rating to the first volume., ultimately, its clear that the two sets are highly complimentary, excellently presented and really should be sitting together on the record shelves.’
STAR PICK***** x2. Bob Cole Basement Group Review


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Disc One

  1. Cigarettes & Coffee Al ‘TNT’ Braggs
  2. I Let Her Get Away Joe Tex
  3. Since You’re Home Ted Taylor
  4. They Say Rodge Martin
  5. Yesterday’s Mistake Roscoe Shelton
  6. I Need Love Sam and Dave
  7. My Baby’s Got It Tabby Thomas
  8. She Did Me Wrong The 5 Royales
  9. The Girl That Radiates That Charm Arthur Alexander
  10. I’ll Be Your Friend Arthur K. Adams
  11. Don’t Cry No More Bobby “Blue” Bland
  12. Screaming Please Buddy Ace
  13. Be My Baby The Chellows
  14. It Hurt Me Too George Hughley
  15. Stop These Teardrops Lavelle White
  16. Before I Leave You Steve Dickinson
  17. Atlanta, GA Bobby Hebb
  18. Another Man Maxine Davis
  19. Any Other Way William Bell
  20. Untie Me The Tams
  21. I’m Going Home Prince Conley
  22. Dr. Feel-Good Herbert Hunter
  23. You’re Gonna Need Me Barbara Lynn
  24. I Found You Yvonne Fair
  25. I Don’t Know School Girl Calvin & Clarence
  26. So Long Sam Baker
  27. If Things Don’t Change Little Jimmy Griffin

Disc Two

  1. Honey Bee Fontella Bass
  2. Baby Tell It Like It Is Donald Hines
  3. Be Ever Wonderful Ted Taylor
  4. Show Me The 5 Royales
  5. Down The Aisle Bud Harper
  6. Emmitt Lee Carol Fran
  7. A Fool For You Ray Charles
  8. These Arms Of Mine Otis Redding
  9. Hey Mama Carl Greenstreet
  10. We’ve Been Wrong Roscoe Shelton
  11. I Didn’t Believe Rufus Thomas
  12. I’ll Never Leave You Willie Harper
  13. I Wanna Be The Only One Kip Anderson
  14. It Won’t Be This Way Always Larry Birdsong
  15. Just Ask For What You Want Finnimo
  16. Loan A Helping Hand Bobby “Blue” Bland
  17. No More Pain Sam and Dave
  18. Soldier Of Love Arthur Alexander
  19. Everywhere I Go Grover Mitchell
  20. Until You Were Gone Joe Perkins
  21. You Ain’t Treating Her Right Joe Medwick
  22. Hoodoo Party Tabby Thomas
  23. Ninety-Pound Woman Freddie North
  24. I Don’t Think I Can Make It Al ‘TNT’ Braggs
  25. I’m Standing By Rodge Martin
  26. Thief In The Night Charles James
  27. The Same Thing Arthur K. Adams
  28. Meet Me in Church Joe Tex

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