Where Southern Soul Began Vol. 1 2CD

Where Southern Soul Began Vol. 1 2CD


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The Golden Age of southern soul lasted from about 1964 to 1975, when disco ripped the heart out of it. Although it may seem as if the blend of country, gospel and R & B that emerged from the great studios in Memphis and Muscle Shoals in that decade was entirely new, like any other genre, southern soul absorbed influences from a whole variety of sources. Part of the ‘History of Soul’ series, these CDs reveal the musical antecedents that gave southern soul its inspiration. A good few of the artists here, represented in their early attempts at creating an individual style, went on to become some of the biggest stars of the ’60s. Others, perhaps less famously, provided ideas and techniques that became stylistic standards. If you ever wondered what musical forms anticipated the southern soul explosion, the answer is in these tracks. If you thought that secularised gospel started with Sam Cooke and Ray Charles, think again as you listen to vocalists who pioneered this many years before them. And if you imagined that the producers at Royal Studios, or Fame or Cosimo’s in New Orleans invented something completely unprecedented, you were missing something. The accompanying booklet is written by John Ridley. The music here will tell you the real story – and it will knock your socks off too!

‘Listening to the impressive tracks on these 2 CDs, and reading through the full colour 28 page booklet that accompanies it, these influences are mostly easy to identify and associate with. The overall standard of these 54 tracks is amazingly high and there are hours of fun to be had here, in the unlikely event that you ever tire of this collection, there is always the rest of the series to catch up with!’
Red Lick Records

Soul 002 & 017 Where Southern Soul Began 1 & 2
‘These two 2-cd volumes are a fine way to trace the roots of what we now call ‘southern soul’, beginning back in 1954 through to 1962,.I immediately want to deliver a ‘star pick’ rating to the first volume., ultimately, its clear that the two sets are highly complimentary, excellently presented and really should be sitting together on the record shelves.’
STAR PICK***** x2. Bob Cole Basement Group Review


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Disc One

1. I’ve Been Wrong For So Long Bobby “Blue” Bland
2. Room In Your Heart Gladys Knight & The Pips
3. You Don’t Have To Cry Little Bob & The Lollipops
4. I Wanna Be Free Joe Tex
5. Your Lonesome Now Charles Perrywell
6. You Gotta Go Bobby Hebb
7. Please Think It Over Roscoe Shelton
8. Teach Me Gorgeous George
9. I Don’t Want No Woman Bobby “Blue” Bland
10. If (I Could Be With You) Miss La-Vell
11. I Got To Know The 5 Royales
12. I Found True Love Oscar Perry
13. If I Don’t See You Again Ted Taylor
14. I’ve Just Got to Forget You Bud Harper
15. Close Up The Back Door Cookie and The Cupcakes
16. Sally Sue Brown Arthur Alexander
17. Phoney Lover Clyde Shelby
18. Somebody Somewhere Gene Allison
19. Somebody, Somewhere Larry Birdsong
20. Wait And See Fred Lowery
21. Slave To Love Charles Walker & The Daffodils
22. Too Many Tears Roy Lee Johnson
23. Hurts Me To My Heart Rudy Ray Moore
24. The World is Yours Johnny Wright
25. What Can I Do For You Elmore Morris
26. The Thrill Of Yesterday Donel Austin
27. You Don’t Miss Your Water William Bell

Disc Two

1. I Cried Joe Medwick
2. Frozen Love Gay Meadows & The Yobyalps
3. Blessed Are These Tears Joe Tex
4. Tend To Your Business Arthur K. Adams
5. Everything Will Be Alright Gene Allison
6. I’m Leaving You Ted Taylor
7. That’s A Good Idea Grover Mitchell
8. Give Me Your Love Delores Johnson
9. I Need Somebody Little Milton
10. I’ll Learn To Love Again Little Junior Parker
11. I’m Not Gonna Leave Joe Perkins
12. Come Into My Heart Little Clarence
13. Give Us Your Blessings Ruth White
14. Am I Losing You Little Ike
15. That’s Cuz I Love You Louis Jones
16. You’re Gonna Miss Me Shirley Raymond
17. Shout Bamalama Otis Redding
18. Sooner Or Later Larry Birdsong
19. Best Of Luck Baby Earl Gaines
20. Can’t Stand To See You Cry Tony Borders
21. I Say! That’s All Right Roosevelt Jones
22. Help Yourself Steve Dickinson
23. I Woke Up Screaming Bobby “Blue” Bland
24. My Love Belongs To You Sam & Dave
25. Backtracking Little Junior Parker
26. I Don’t Hurt Anymore Fontella Bass
27. Please, Please, Please James Brown

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