West Coast Soul ’67 LP

West Coast Soul ’67 LP


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Side 1

  1. Lou Rawls              Dead End Street
  2. Delores Hall          W-O-M-A-N
  3. Johnny Summers  Is The Feeling Still There
  4. Raeletts  One Hurt Deserves Another
  5. Sterling Magee     I Still Believe In You
  6. Cookie Jackson     Fresh Out Of Tears
  7. Mustangs               Honey

Side 2

  1. Citations                 Keep The Faith
  2. Tony Mathews      Don’t Hurt Me No More
  3. Delores Hall          Good Lovin’ Man
  4. Mike & Censations               Nothing I Can Do About It
  5. Maria Tynes          The Queen Is On Her Knees
  6. Marie Franklin      I’ll Forget About You
  7. Leon Haywood     Cornbread And Buttermilk

3 in stock

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By 1967 the black music scene on the West Coast was revving up to its peak. More 45s were issued than ever before and the music of choice was soul. The activity was centred around Los Angeles of course but other cities such as San Francisco and San Diego got a look-in as well. There’s no soul superheroes here but the quality of the vocalists on view is astonishingly high, from thumping dancers to the deepest of ballads. Over half the songs are by female singers which reflects the excellence of the soul sisters strutting their stuff in California at the time. Both sides of the album conclude with instrumentals for welcome balance.

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