The Rhythm, the Blues, the Soul of New Orleans 1962 – 1966 4CD (shipped without jewel case)

The Rhythm, the Blues, the Soul of New Orleans 1962 – 1966 4CD (shipped without jewel case)


(shipped with booklet & CD inlays but without jewel case for cheaper airmail and less problems with EU customs)

36 Page illustrated booklet.

By the beginning of 1963, African-American music in New Orleans was in flux. Its happy-go-lucky R & B sound was no longer guaranteed to hit the national charts. In short, the good times in the city had run out of steam. The major issue now was what sort of music to record in the wake of the “British Invasion”. The answer of course was “soul”. Until soul became the ubiquitous African-American musical style, the music that was recorded in the city was a Louisiana gumbo of blues, R & B, gospel, swamp pop, anything and everything that might sell a few records.

This set of CDs is the story of how one city, New Orleans, with its unique, proud and energetic history came to adopt soul music and how its music producers and arrangers came to utilise the styles of soul music being made in other cities of the US and to adapt them to the rhythms and approaches that made New Orleans so different to every other soul city USA.

These CDs are also a tribute to the little labels, whose sound became the heartbeat of the city, playing out onto the streets from jukeboxes, radio stations and mom-and-pop stores selling a few 45s as a sideline. Most of the tracks on these CDs have never been released since the day that the vinyl was first stamped. This is New Orleans African-American music at its most potent. The sound of the young of the city as they heard it and played it two generations ago.


You could drop the coin on any disc at random hear something hot. Fred Rothwell Blues & Rhythm

With this latest History Of Soul release, New Orleans music fans should be in seventh heaven. David Cole Soul Basement

(shipped with booklet and CD inlays but without jewel case to cut down on foreign postage)

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  1. Messed Around  (And Fell in Love )  Lee Dorsey
  2. What a Wedding Day Shirley Raymond
  3. Riding High Porgy & The Polka Dots
  4. I’ve Heard That Story Before Tommy Ridgley
  5. Tee Na Na Na Na Nay Eddie Bo
  6. Ernestine Patience Valentine
  7. Elephant Fair Chuck Johnson
  8. What In The World Alex Spearman
  9. You Told Me Willie West
  10. The Laughing Monkey Robert Parker
  11. I Just Told The Blues Goodbye Yvonne Williams
  12. Tired Of Crying Katherine Holt
  13. (Sorry) I’m Gonna Have To Pass Elton Anderson
  14. Little Eva Snooks Eaglin
  15. He’s Back Again Huey Smith
  16. The Hip Parade Ronnie Barron
  17. Where Can I Go Tami Lynn
  18. A Heap See (But A Few Know) Eddie Bo
  19. You Keep Her Joe Tex
  20. Valley of Love The Showmen
  21. When It Rains It Pours Van Broussard
  22. Lover Of Love  Art Neville
  23. Lover Of Love (Instrumental) Art Neville Band
  24. Standing On The Outside Charles “Soul” Brown
  25. Oh Anna (We’re Gonna Get Married) Warren Lee Taylor
  26. Fortune Teller Lee Tillman
  27. I Need Your Love (Baby) Willie West
  28. Ain’t No Need Merle Spears
  29. Johnny Little Chris Kenner
  30. I Guess Melvin Lastie
  31. Second Line (Pts. 1 & 2) Bill Sinigal & Skyliners


  1. Soul Train Curley Moore
  2. Gravy Train Claude Shermack
  3. Lover Of Love Chuck Carbo
  4. Red Wine For My Blues Miss Johni Naylor
  5. Hold Your Dog Oliver Morgan
  6. Time For A Change Jody Williams
  7. The Way You Treat Me Chuck Johnson
  8. Teasin’ You Willie Tee
  9. Sadness In My Heart  Mildred Scott
  10. The Grass Looks Greener Yonder Ronnie Barron
  11. You Got The Nerve Bobby Mitchell
  12. The Next Time She’s Mine Joe Tex
  13. Let’s Let It Roll Eddie Bo
  14. Make Up Your Mind Vic Cornish
  15. What Are You Trying To Do To Me Bobby Powell
  16. How Can I Reach You Ray Wilson
  17. I’m Going Home Betty Taylor
  18. I Don’t Have To Cry Anymore Little Hulon Vining
  19. Love Is A One Sided Fight  Marvell
  20. Our Love Will Always Be The Same Ernest Jackson
  21. I’ve Got A Song Joe Tex
  22. Bad Luck And Trouble (Don’t Last Always) Katherine Holt
  23. Bound For Love Mike Ancona & The Jokers
  24. It’s Just A Matter Of Time Merle Spears
  25. Who Shot The La La Oliver Morgan
  26. Fare Thee Well Eddie Bo
  27. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day Maxine Thomas
  28. I Confess Billy Tircuit
  29. Olde Wine Red Tyler
  30. The Ragman (Pts. 1 & 2) Wardell & The Royal Dukes


  1. She’s My Drivin’ Wheel Earl King
  2. Fee-Fie-Jum-Bo-Li Eddie Bo
  3. The Original Crayfish Oliver Morgan
  4. I’ll Whip It On You  Alex Spearman
  5. Fever Gee Gee Shinn
  6. Never Trust A Man Marie Dubarry
  7. Wake Up Jerry Foucha
  8. Everything Will Turn Out Right Edward Jones
  9. Whatcha Gonna Do Senator Jones
  10. My Babe Art Neville
  11. That’s All I Need Baby Carolyn Faye
  12. Baby We Are Through Leona Buckles
  13. Crescent Walk The Sonics
  14. (Won’t Someone Help) This Poor Lost Soul Eva Larse
  15. I Miss You Ernest Jackson
  16. Danger Eddie Bo
  17. I Feel Good  Benny Spellman
  18. Your Good Loving Chuck Mitchell
  19. Should I Pay Dues Jesse Thomas
  20. The Feeling Is Real George Pepp
  21. She Was Wrong Walter B
  22. Hurricane Betsy Ernest (Chewing Gum) Jones
  23. I Need True Love Cozy Corley
  24. Can You Forgive Earl Harrison
  25. No More Jimmie J
  26. Stagger Lee Oliver Morgan
  27. True Love Was Never Meant For Me J J Wallace
  28. Devil Of A Girl Gee Gee Shinn
  29. Tighten Up James Rivers
  30. It Ain’t My Fault (Pts. 1 & 2) Smokey Johnson


  1. Get Out Of My Life, Woman Lee Dorsey
  2. Baby It’s Too Late Senator Jones
  3. I Know You Got Someone Else George Woods
  4. I Got Love Jackie Avery
  5. You’ll Never Find Another Man Like Me Alex Spearman
  6. Ain’t That True Baby Willie Tee
  7. Happy Feet Robert Parker
  8. She’s So Fine George Woods
  9. It’s Raining Booney Taylor
  10. Seven Lonely Days Bobby Brown
  11. Take This Pain The Soul Brothers
  12. Bases Are Loaded Jesse Thomas
  13. What A Night Sammy King
  14. This Way I Do Curley Moore
  15. Trick Bag Polka Dot Slim
  16. You Need Education Charles Smith
  17. He Created Woman George Pepp
  18. You’ve Got Something Guitar Ray
  19. You’ve Got To Pay Some Dues Willie Tee
  20. Understanding Jackie Avery
  21. Looking For Lee J J Wallace
  22. I’m Her Only Man Joe Wilson
  23. I Lost The Key Gerri Hall
  24. I Got To Get It Raymond Lewis
  25. Come To Me Charles Dixon
  26. Sitting Down Thinking Charles Brimmer
  27. I Can’t Help It (Pts. 1 & 2) Smokey Johnson
  28. Coffee Pot (Pts. 1 & 2) Bo Junior

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