THE NICE Live Broadcasts 1968 EP

THE NICE Live Broadcasts 1968 EP

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1. America

1. Rondo a la Turk
2. Azrial

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Three live recordings featuring The Nice early on in their career as a four-piece with Davy O´List on guitar. America and Rondo A La Turk were recorded in colour for Swiss TV in September 1968. The HITS A GOGO series also featured shows by David Bowie and Humble Pie. Azrial (Angel Of Death) was captured live at Piper Club, Rome on 6th April the same year for Italian TV. Remarkably, the clips survived and can be seen on popular video channels on the interweb.

I know you’re thinking, “Aw, more dodgy broadcast sessions”, but this EP sounds great, delivering Emerlist Davjack’s sheer energy across 3 tracks…Wicked version of Rondo; America is a blast with Davy O’List aflame; Azrial is a deathly fury.

Ian McCann Record Collector

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