The Hollies BBC Sessions 1963 – 1964 – 1965 LP

The Hollies BBC Sessions 1963 – 1964 – 1965 LP


Side One

1.       Fortune Teller

2.       Searchin’

3.       Aint That Just Like Me

4.       Go, Go, Go

5.       What Kind Of Girl

6.       Something’s Got A Hold On Me

7.       We’re Through

8.       Nobody

Side Two

1.       Mickey’s Monkey

2.       Yes I Will

3.       Nitty Gritty/Something’s Got A Hold On Me

4.       You Know He Did

5.       I’m Alive

6.       Stay

7.       Here I Go Again

8.       Yes I Will (stereo)

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This LP features sixteen tracks from the Hollies’ earliest extant BBC Sessions never previously released, including a newly discovered date from 1963 featuring the group’s original drummer, Don Rathbone. But the opening of 1964’s, Something’s Got A Hold On Me shows how much Bobby Elliot’s dynamic drumming improved the group’s sound. The recordings are almost entirely live with Graham Nash and Allan Clarke perfecting their Everly Brothers-style harmonies, while virtuoso guitarist Tony Hicks plays rhythm and lead at the same time. From mid ’65, the BBC had brought in more advanced recording equipment, so you can hear extra vocal overdubs and reverberation on songs such as Stay and I’m Alive. Sound quality is excellent and thanks to AI, we have managed to erase all those annoying DJ talkovers at the start and end of each track. The album includes a stereo version of Yes I Will.