THE HENRY GLOVER STORY Volume One 1947 – 1951 2CD

THE HENRY GLOVER STORY Volume One 1947 – 1951 2CD


Henry Glover was the first producer/writer in the American music industry, paving the way for a host of illustrious followers such as Phil Spector, Leiber & Stoller and Burt Bacharach. Composer, producer, arranger, publisher, talent scout, vocalist, trumpet player, engineer, A&R executive, and, later, a label owner in his own right, Glover was one of the most talented music industry entrepreneurs of the mid-twentieth century. The fact that he was black and working in an exclusively white executive environment makes his achievements all the more remarkable.

Glover’s career illustrates the evolution of modern popular music from its beginnings in jazz and blues, through its mutation into rhythm and blues, rock’n’roll and pop, culminating in soul and rock music. His first compositions in the forties were for mainstream artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington in the big band and orchestral mould, but he established himself in the early fifties as a composer of risqué blues such as The Swallows’ It Ain’t The Meat (It’s The Motion), Wynonie Harris’s I Like My Baby’s Pudding and Bull Moose Jackson’s I Want a Bowlegged Woman as well as a host of drinking songs. Glover’s formative years were spent at Cincinnati-based King Records and the majority of hits on that label during its golden era from 1947 to 1958 were Henry Glover productions, most notably Little Willie John’s original 1955 version of Fever.

He was equally at home with white country music and black sacred gospel music. His hillbilly song Blues Stay Away from Me has attained the status of classic in its field with versions by such diverse artists as B.B.King, Merle Haggard, Harry James, K.D.Lang and Tennessee Ernie Ford. His pioneering work with Moon Mullican and Hawkshaw Hawkins combining blues and country predates Elvis Presley’s Sun recordings by several years. His best-known song in the soul genre was Ray Charles’s 1960 number one hit Drown In My Own Tears.

Towards the end of the fifties, Glover tried his hand at doo-wop and rock’n’roll music, but he found his greatest success in the dance craze era of the early 1960s with songs such as Peppermint Twist, Let The Little Girl Dance and California Sun, later covered by The Ramones. In later years, Glover channelled his energies into finding new artists and forming his own record label (he launched the careers of The Hawks, who mutated into The Band, and of the recently departed Nick Ashford). One of his last productions was Muddy Waters’s swansong The Woodstock Album, which won a Grammy in 1975.


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Disc One
I Want A Bowlegged Woman

1. Mountain Oysters Henry Glover with Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis (Glover)
2. I Want A Bowlegged Woman Bull Moose Jackson & His Buffalo Bearcats (Glover/Nix)
3. I Like My Baby’s Pudding Wynonie Harris (Glover/Nathan)
4. No Good Woman Blues Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson (Glover/Garland/Vinson)
5. Clap Your Hands Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra with John Greer (Glover/Nix)
6. Hoe Down Boogie Red Perkins (Glover/Nathan)
7. Let It Roll Again Lucky Millinder with John Greer (Glover/Nix)
8. I Love You, Yes I Do Dinah Washington (Glover/Nix/Wood/Marcus)
9. D’Natural Blues Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra (Glover/Millinder)
10. Blues Stay Away from Me Delmore Brothers (Glover/Delmore/Raney)
11. Pot Likker Todd Rhodes And His Orchestra (Glover/Rhodes)
12. Rock Mr Blues Wynonie Harris (Glover)
13. Gravy Train The York Brothers (Glover)
14. Nightfall Sonny Thompson (Glover/Thompson)
15. Who Said Shorty Wasn’t Coming Back? Lucky Millinder w Henry Glover (Glover/Nix/Mundy)
16. I Can’t Go On Without You Ella Fitzgerald (Glover/Nix)
17. I’m Going To Have Myself A Ball Tiny Bradshaw (Glover/Nix/Bradshaw)
18. Blues For The Nightowls Sonny Thompson (Glover/Thompson)
19. Back To The Dog House Hawkshaw Hawkins (Glover/Mann)
20. Butcher Pete Roy Brown (Glover/Brown)
21. Somebody Done Stole My Cherry Red Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson (Glover/Nathan)
22. Breakin Up The House Tiny Bradshaw (Glover/Nathan)
23. Page Boy Shuffle Joe Thomas (Glover)
24. Why Don’t You Haul Off And Love Me Bull Moose Jackson (Raney/Glosson)
25. Huckleberry Boogie Zeb Turner (Glover/Grishaw)
26. Sugar Cane Sonny Thompson (Glover/Thompson)
27. Stop And Go Boogie Brewster Avenue Rhythm Boys (Glover/Nathan)
28. Sittin On It All The Time Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson (Glover/Mann)
29. Tropical Fever Russell Jacquet (Glover)

Disc Two
It Ain’t The Meat (It’s The Motion)

1. It Ain’t The Meat The Swallows (Glover/Nathan)
2. Well, Oh Well Tiny Bradshaw (Glover/Bradshaw/Norman)
3. Well, Oh Well Moon Mullican (Glover/Bradshaw/Norman)
4. Everybody Loves A Fat Man Pig Meat Peterson (Glover/Millinder/Bowen)
5. Love Sweet Love Sarah McLawler (Glover)
6. Lovin’ Machine Wynonie Harris (Glover/Mann/Lambert/Merritt)
7. I’m Waiting Just For You Lucky Millinder with Annisteen Allen (Glover/Leigh/Millinder)
8. Mellow Blues Sonny Thompson (Glover/Thompson)
9. The Atomic Telephone The Spirit of Memphis (Glover/Mann/Smith)
10. Ready, Willin’ And Able Sarah McLawler (Glover/Millinder)
11. I’ll Drown In My Tears Sonny Thompson Orchestra with Lula Reed (Glover)
12. Two Dry Bones On A Pantry Shelf Tiny Bradshaw (Glover/Bradshaw)
13. No One Else Could Be Lucky Millinder w/ Annisteen Allen & Melvin Moore (Glover/Mann)
14. Your Daddy’s Doggin’ Around Todd Rhodes with Connie Allen (Glover/Kay/Nathan)
15. I Shouldn’t Cry But I Do Kitty Stevenson with Todd Rhodes And His Orchestra (Glover)
16. Haulin’ Freight Bob Newman (Glover/Dolly)
17. Good Time Saturday Night Delmore Brothers (Glover/Delmore)
18. Rocket 69 Todd Rhodes And His Orchestra with Connie Allen (Glover/Nathan)
19. Walking The Chalk Line Tiny Bradshaw (Glover/Norman)
20. Please Baby Please The Swallows (Glover)
21. Keep On Churnin’ Wynonie Harris (Glover/Hairston/Mann)
22. Possessed Todd Rhodes And His Orchestra (Glover/Thompson/Smith/Stein)
23. Where Were You? Jimmy Rushing (Glover/Rushing)
24. Tremblin’ York Brothers (Glover/Allen)
25. Blues Came Pouring Down Clyde Moody (Glover/Nathan/Long/Roberts)
26. Lonesome Train Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson (Glover)
27. Nobody’s Lovin’ Me Lonnie Johnson (Glover)
28. I’ll Be There Delmore Brothers (Glover)
29. I’ll Be There Little Esther (Glover)
30. Me And My Crazy Self Lonnie Johnson (Glover/Mann)
31. Love Sweet Love The York Brothers (Glover)

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