The Four Seasons – Live On TV 1966 – 1968

The Four Seasons – Live On TV 1966 – 1968


Side One

1.    Hurt Yourself

2.    Working My Way Back To You

3.    Let’s Hang On

4.    Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

5.    Hits Medley Popendipity

6.    Hurt Yourself

7.    Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

8.    To Give


Side Two

1.    Beechnut Gum

2.    Let’s Hang On

3.    I’ve Got You Under My Skin

4.    Saturday’s Father

5.    Hurt Yourself

6.    Hits Medley Top Of The Pops7.

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The Four Seasons were really hitting a creative sweet spot when the tracks on this LP were broadcast via music TV shows such as Popendipity, Hullabaloo and the Mike Douglas Show. The Sandy Linzer/Denny Randell songwriting/production team crafted stomping, four-to-the-floor Motown-style productions on the hits “Let’s Hang On” and “Working My Way Back To You” with the legendary Buddy Salzman creating the distinctive drum sound. Later in 1966, Bob Gaudio came up with an arrangement of Cole Porter’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” that made the song sound just like a Four Seasons track with its killer hook coda “Never win, never win” added at the insistence of producer Bob Crewe.

Frankie Valli began his solo recording career by insisting that his composers provide material that did not require him to use falsetto and his first release was the Bob Crewe/Charlie Calello composition “(You’re Gonna) Hurt Yourself”. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” was Valli’s first number one (Cashbox May 1967), despite Philips having mothballed the finished record for almost a year because they feared it might break the group up. We feature here two live versions of Frankie’s Christmas 1967 single “To Give”, both with full orchestral backing. For a live broadcast on NBC’s Kraft Music Hall show in July 1968, the Four Seasons previewed “Saturday’s Father”, a track to be released on the 1969 psychedelic concept album Genuine Imitation Life Gazette. This LP also includes as a bonus track a hits medley from a 1971 transmission from BBC’s Top Of The Pops.