Volume Three presents all their Apollo recordings together with a disc of “5” Royales 1960s cuts, curios and outtakes.

The “5” Royales were the very first group to merge secular and sacred musical influences into a coherent whole, laying down the future guidelines of soul music. These CDs contain some of the very best early soul and R&B ever recorded and the Royales’ music still has the power and the passion to move us all. Long may it continue.


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Disc One Complete Apollo Recordings

  1. Journey’s End
  2. Bedside Of A Neighbor
  3. Give Me One More Chance
  4. Too Much Of A Little Bit
  5. Come Over Here
  6. Let Nothing Separate Me
  7. You Know I Know
  8. Courage To Love
  9. Baby, Don’t Do It
  10. Take All Of Me
  11. Help Me Somebody
  12. Crazy Crazy Crazy
  13. Too Much Lovin’
  14. Laundromat Blues
  15. I Want To Thank You
  16. All Righty!
  17. I Do
  18. Good Things
  19. Cry Some More
  20. I Like It Like That
  21. Let Me Come Back Home
  22. What’s That?
  23. Six O’Clock In The Morning
  24. With All Your Heart
  25. So God Can Use Me
  26. I Wanna Rest
  27. I Am Thinking
  28. See, Hear And Know Nothing
  29. Put Something In It (Take 3)
  30. John Tanner & James Moore speak

Disc Two 1960s Cuts, Outtakes and Curios

  1. Baby, Don’t Do It
  2. I Like It Like That
  3. Faith
  4. Never Turn Your Back
  5. Mr. Moon Man
  6. I’m On The Right Road Now
  7. Roll With The Punch
  8. Help Yourself
  9. Dedicated To The One I Love (choir)
  10. Come On And Save Me (Take 2)
  11. Get Something Out Of It (Take 4)
  12. Just As I Am (Take 5, 6, 7 & 8)
  13. Don’t Let It Be In Vain (Take 1)
  14. Your Only Love (Take 1& 2)
  15. Your Only Love (Take 3)
  16. The Real Thing (Take 2 & 3)
  17. Come On and Put Me in the Alley
  18. I Want You to Use Me
  19. Bean Head
  20. Hard Times
  21. I Got it Bad
  22. So Much Of A Little Bit
  23. Get Your Enjoys
  24. Can’t Find My Sadie
  25. Mama’s Daughter
  26. Trying To Hold My Gal
  27. I Don’t Want You To Go
  28. Pumpkin Pie
  29. I’m Alone

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