THE DEFINITIVE “5” ROYALES – 6CD BOX SET (shipped without jewel case)

THE DEFINITIVE “5” ROYALES – 6CD BOX SET (shipped without jewel case)


(shipped with booklets, slipcase and CD inlays but without jewel case for cheaper airmail and less problems with EU customs)

Included on Disc One are four songs from a previously unreleased Home Of The Blues test tape from May 1961 – a real bonus to hear – all imbued with gospel fervour, the vital ingredient of solid soul.  There are 20 additional previously unissued tracks & 17 related recordings by artists linked with the 5 Royales. These History of Soul releases are not your quickie PD issues as they have extensive notes by soul expert John Ridley, detailed discographies and loads of label shots and great photos. If you have the slightest interest in R&B, soul and the transition between the two, then you need some 5 Royales in your life. There are thirty-seven tracks on these three History of Soul ‘ Definitive 5 Royales’ 2CD sets that are not on the Rock Beat box set.
Fred Rothwell Blues & Rhythm

Although I own all their LP’s I hadn’t listened to the 5 Royales for quite some time. When I got your set I immediately put them on my CD player( the King sides first). I must confess you did an excellent job. The set is fantastic. The sound comes over clearly and the bass has profound depth almost more than on the original KING LP’s.  I never listened to them with more pleasure ever. Really fantastic.
Atilla Oess


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Disc One

  1. Show Me
  2. I Got To Know
  3. Much In Need
  4. I’m Gonna Tell Them
  5. Not Going To Cry
  6. Help Me Somebody
  7. Catch That Teardrop
  8. What’s In The Heart
  9. They Don’t Know
  10. Please Please Please
  11. Talk About My Woman (Pt 1)
  12. Talk About My Woman (Pt 2)
  13. I Want It Like That
  14. Take Me With You Baby
  15. Goof Ball
  16. Just Can’t Do Me This Way
  17. She Did Me Wrong
  18. If You Don’t Need Me
  19. He Who Laughs Last (test tape)
  20. So Much Lovin’ (test tape)
  21. Talk About My Woman (test tape)
  22. They Don’t Know (test tape)
  23. Soul House*
  24. Time For Everything*
  25. Mr. Moon Man* (Pts 1 & 2)
  26. Doin’ Everything
  27. I’m Standing In The Shadows
  28. There’s Somebody Over There
  29. Baby Don’t Do It

Disc Two

  1. Think*
  2. I’m A Cool Teenager
  3. Didn’t We Fool Them***
  4. I’m Not Ashamed***
  5. Wash Board***
  6. (I’m Gonna) Spend My Money***
  7. Rain Drops Keep A Fallin’*
  8. Please, Please Be Mine* (45rpm)
  9. Everybody Knows* (45rpm)
  10. Now Baby Don’t Do It*
  11. Here It ‘Tis, Right Here*
  12. Send Me Somebody*
  13. Solid Rock*
  14. Jail Bird*
  15. I’m A Cool Teenager* (alternate)
  16. Come On Let’s Have A Good Time*
  17. Please, Please Be Mine* (extended)
  18. Everybody Knows* (extended)
  19. Amen (live performance)
  20. I Heard the Voice of Jesus (live)
  21. Mr. Moon Man (Curtis Pauling)
  22. Feel So Good (Carolina Royals)
  23. I’m Gonna Love You ‘Til I Die**
  24. Baby Don’t You Leave Poor Me**
  25. Cool Teenager (Little Charles)
  26. Have No Teardrops+

*El (Lowman) Pauling/Royal Abbit, **Clarence Paul,
*** Poor Boys, +Lorece Thompson & The Largos

Disc Three King A sides          

  1. I’m Gonna Run It Down
  2. Monkey Hips And Rice
  3. One Mistake
  4. You Didn’t Learn It At Home
  5. Mohawk Squaw
  6. Good Looking Woman
  7. I Need Your Lovin’ Baby
  8. Do Unto You
  9. Someone Made You For Me
  10. Right Around The Corner
  11. My Wants For Love
  12. Come On And Save Me
  13. Just As I Am
  14. Tears Of Joy
  15. Think
  16. Messin’ Up
  17. Dedicated To The One I Love
  18. The Feeling Is Real
  19. Tell The Truth
  20. Don’t Let It Be In Vain
  21. The Real Thing
  22. I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair
  23. Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone (45rpm fade)
  24. It Hurts Inside
  25. I’m With You (45rpm fade)
  26. (Something Moves Me) Within My Heart
  27. Get Something Out Of It (Take 1, 2 & 3)
  28. Stompenin’ Stomp
  29. Just As I Am (Take 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  30. Obadiah Carter Speaks

Disc Four King B sides

  1. Behave Yourself
  2. Devil With the Rest
  3. School Girl
  4. Every Dog Has His Day
  5. How I Wonder
  6. I Can’t Stand Losing You
  7. When I Get Like This
  8. Women About To Make Me Go Crazy
  9. I Ain’t Getting Caught
  10. When You Walked Through The Door
  11. I Could Love You
  12. Get Something Out Of It
  13. Mine Forevermore
  14. Thirty Second Lover
  15. I’d Better Make A Move
  16. Say It
  17. Don’t Be Ashamed
  18. Do The Cha Cha Cherry
  19. Double Or Nothing
  20. The Slummer The Slum
  21. Your Only Love
  22. Miracle Of Love
  23. Tell Me You Care
  24. My Sugar Sugar
  25. Don’t Give No More Than You Can Take
  26. Why
  27. Come On And Save Me (Take 3, 4 & 5)
  28. Don’t Let It Be In Vain (Take 2)
  29. Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone (fluffed ending)
  30. I’m With You (extended)

Disc Five Complete Apollo Recordings

  1. Journey’s End
  2. Bedside Of A Neighbor
  3. Give Me One More Chance
  4. Too Much Of A Little Bit
  5. Come Over Here
  6. Let Nothing Separate Me
  7. You Know I Know
  8. Courage To Love
  9. Baby, Don’t Do It
  10. Take All Of Me
  11. Help Me Somebody
  12. Crazy Crazy Crazy
  13. Too Much Lovin’
  14. Laundromat Blues
  15. I Want To Thank You
  16. All Righty!
  17. I Do
  18. Good Things
  19. Cry Some More
  20. I Like It Like That
  21. Let Me Come Back Home
  22. What’s That?
  23. Six O’Clock In The Morning
  24. With All Your Heart
  25. So God Can Use Me
  26. I Wanna Rest
  27. I Am Thinking
  28. See, Hear And Know Nothing
  29. Put Something In It (Take 3)
  30. John Tanner & James Moore speak         1991

Disc Six 1960s Cuts, Outtakes and Curios

  1. Baby, Don’t Do It
  2. I Like It Like That
  3. Faith
  4. Never Turn Your Back
  5. Mr. Moon Man
  6. I’m On The Right Road Now
  7. Roll With The Punch
  8. Help Yourself
  9. Dedicated To The One I Love (choir)
  10. Come On And Save Me (Take 2)
  11. Get Something Out Of It (Take 4)
  12. Just As I Am (Take 5, 6, 7 & 8)
  13. Don’t Let It Be In Vain (Take 1)
  14. Your Only Love (Take 1& 2)
  15. Your Only Love (Take 3)
  16. The Real Thing (Take 2 & 3)
  17. Come On and Put Me in the Alley
  18. I Want You to Use Me
  19. Bean Head
  20. Hard Times
  21. I Got it Bad
  22. So Much Of A Little Bit
  23. Get Your Enjoys
  24. Can’t Find My Sadie
  25. Mama’s Daughter
  26. Trying To Hold My Gal
  27. I Don’t Want You To Go
  28. Pumpkin Pie
  29. I’m Alone

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