The Beatles Live at Sam Houston Coliseum August 1965 LP

The Beatles Live at Sam Houston Coliseum August 1965 LP


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  2. TWIST AND SHOUT-(Russell/Medley)-John (with Paul and George)
  3. SHE’S A WOMAN-Paul
  4. I FEEL FINE-John (with Paul and George)
  5. DIZZY MISS LIZZY-(Larry Williams)-John
  6. TICKET TO RIDE-John (with Paul and George)
  7. EVERYBODY’S TRYING TO BE MY BABY-(Carl Perkins)-George
  9. BABY’S IN BLACK-John (with Paul and George)


  1. I WANNA BE YOUR MAN-Ringo (with Paul)
  2. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT-John (with Paul)
  3. HELP!-John (with Paul and George)
  4. I’M DOWN-Paul (with John and George)
  5. I’M A LOSER-John (with Paul)
  6. ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MUSIC-(Chuck Berry)-John (with Paul and George)
  7. LONG TALL SALLY-(Enotris Johnson)-Paul
  9. ACT NATURALLY-(Russell/Morrison)-Ringo (with Paul)

All titles composed Lennon-McCartney (except where stated). (p)1965

Side One Tracks 1 – 9 & Side Two Tracks 1 – 4: 8pm, 19th August 1965.

Side Two (Bonus Tracks) 5 – 7: 20th June; Track 8: 14th August 1965; Track 9: 1st August.

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The Beatles played two concerts at the Sam Houston Coliseum on 19th August 1965, billed as “The Sixth Annual Back to School Show,” and sponsored by the Variety Boys Club of Houston. The concerts were recorded and broadcast by local radio station KILT. The Fab Four were welcomed at the Airport by thousands of screaming fans, who followed them downtown to the Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel, where they’d rented out the entire 18th floor. Tickets were $5 each and 22,000 fans were in attendance over the two shows. The Beatles’ fee was $50,000 plus a share of ticket sales and they left Houston with $85,000 cash in manager Brian Epstein’s briefcase.

The sound quality of the Houston concerts is one of the best available from all the Beatles tours. The set lasted only 35 minutes, featuring 12 songs. As a bonus on this record, we have included five additional live songs that the Beatles played at concerts elsewhere in the summer of 1965.