The Beatles From Us To You #3 1964 7″

The Beatles From Us To You #3 1964 7″



1.        From Us To You

2.        Whit Monday To You

3.        I Saw Her Standing There

4.        Kansas City, Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey

5.        You Can’t Do That


1.        Sure To Fall (In Love With You)

2.        Can’t Buy Me Love

3.        Matchbox

4.        Honey Don’t

5.        From Us To You

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The Beatles returned to the BBC Paris Studio on May 1st for the third of their four From Us To You specials that would be broadcast on May 18th 1964. Three of the ten songs played were by their favourite rockabilly star Carl Perkins. Honey Don’t was later recorded for the Beatles For Sale album with Ringo on vocals. On this version however, John sings the lead. Sure To Fall was never committed to wax and features a ska break on the bridge, just like they played on I Call Your Name.

1964 EP 33rpm.