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Dance crazes have come and gone in America ever since the roaring twenties, but nothing quite compares to the epidemic of dance fever that hit the USA in the early 60s brought on by the twist and the rise and rise of soul music. The country was infected by wave after wave of catchy dance rhythms, each necessitating new moves on the dance floor. Everybody was getting a bit of that new soul bug! This collection brings you only a small proportion of the 100s and 100s of dance records produced between 1960 and 1965, before the soul industry got away from the promotion of dance records. There may have been dance rages in the next several decades, but nothing else comes even close to the 1960s for its sheer energy and diversity.


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Disc One

  1. Nobody Can Do The Dog Sebastian & House
  2. Duck All Over Town (Pt 1) Arlene Williams
  3. Wobble Wobble (Pt. 2) Nat Kendrick
  4. Let’s Monkey Again The Persians
  5. Satellite Stroll Moon Man
  6. Hully Gully Now Big Bo Thomas
  7. The Cow Bill Robinson
  8. Dizzy Jones Birdland The Marvells
  9. Do The People Willie Walker
  10. You Better Get In Line The Contours
  11. Hand Jive Workout Don Covay
  12. The Madison Time (Pt. 2) Ray Bryant                   
  13. El Monkey Saxie Russell
  14. The Big Fight Ricky Allen
  15. Mash Them Taters The Olympics
  16. Flip Flop Lonnie Russ
  17. Hucklebuck Twist Oliver Sain
  18. Walk on the Wild Side Twist Titus Turner
  19. Three Quarter Stomp  Preston Jackson
  20. Posin’ Johnny Guitar Watson
  21. The Bumble Bee The Vandel’s
  22. Let’s Do The Pony The Starfires
  23. The Wobble Diane & The Darlettes
  24. The Roach Gene & Wendell 
  25. The Grizzly Bear The Chanteurs
  26. The Camel Walk Cody Black
  27. The Voodoo Walk Sonny Richard`s Panics
  28. The Whip  Mack Rice
  29. Birdland Chubby Checker
  30. Do the Bird Dee Dee Sharp

Disc Two

  1. Let’s Shindig Freddy Williams
  2. Shing-A-Ling Audrey Winters
  3. The Wobble-oo Ray Agee
  4. Wobble Time Lester Young
  5. The Monkey Shep & The Limelites
  6. Boss Town Shuffle The Twilettes
  7. The Bounce The Olympics
  8. The Jerk The Dukays
  9. Sloop Dance The Vibrations
  10. Popeye Joe Ernie K Doe
  11. The Original Popeye Wardell & The Sultans
  12. Saturday Night Walk The Uniques
  13. The Frog Lonnie Brooks
  14. The Gorilla The Ideals
  15. The Peck Joe Tex
  16. Hully Gully Papa Jasper Woods
  17. Foot Stomping Time The Satintones
  18. The Duck Earl Forest
  19. Dance The Mess Around Chubby Checker
  20. Tinaroo Ike & Tina Turner
  21. Do The Slauson Round Robin
  22. Squat With Me, Baby Rochell & Candles
  23. Slop Time Maureen Gray
  24. The Monkey Whip The Pacesetters
  25. The Whip Twist Little Joe Hinton
  26. Twistin’ In The Hospital Ward Chick Willis
  27. Pony Twist  Sonny & The Premiers
  28. Twist With Me Baby Teddy Reynolds
  29. It’s Uncle Willie Little Natalie & Henry
  30. Doin’ Everything The “5” Royales
  31. Do The People Willie Walker

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