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There was so much musical activity on the West Coast in the 50s and early 60s that even such a mighty compilation as this can only scratch the surface of black musical production from that part of the US. The vibrant West Coast recording scene was where musical trends started, national hits were made and the very musical tastes of the nation were being developed. This collection brings together a varied selection of artists and styles – blues, R & B, rock ‘n’ roll, doo wop, ballads, girl groups and more – from which soul emerged to be the dominant musical force of black America for the 60s and most of the 70s. It was Los Angeles that became the soul capital of the world as the 70s went on – more recordings were made there than in any other city. That’s Where It’s At! Part of the History of Soul series.
The accompanying illustrated booklet is written by John Ridley.

‘This set is a watershed of Tough urban Blues sounds that morphed into soul a couple of years later. Many of these sides are making their appearanve on disc for the first time & you will not be disappointed with the selection.’
Bluebeat Review 2013 ‘Charlies Pick

Soul 004,007 & 008.. The History of Soul Chronolgies
‘This series is wonderful and a period in Soul Music that is earlier than I am familiar with ,the volumes that I have had so far have introduced me to some wonderful new tracks. The booklet with each volume is superb I have also featured many tracks on my weekly Soul and Funk show.’
John Farrar 6 Towns Radio


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Disc One 1955-1961

  1. Strange Feeling Sugar Pie De Santo
  2. Try Love Cookie Jackson
  3. Am I Still Your Fool Lenny Johnson
  4. I Hope You’re Satisfied Betty & Dupree
  5. My Pretty Baby Johnnie Morisette
  6. In The Doorway Crying Hank Ballard
  7. You’re A Little Too Late Danny Owens
  8. What Have I Done Wrong  Sailor Boy
  9. Troubles Joe Simon
  10. You Got My Nose Open Baby Joy Hamilton
  11. Darling If You Must Leave Ted Taylor
  12. Gettin’ Hip Otis Redding
  13. Volcano Billy Preston
  14. Here Comes The Fool Donoman & Lakettes
  15. I Got A Feeling Dolores Gibson
  16. How Does It Feel The O’Jays
  17. One More Kiss Johnny Guitar Watson
  18. Stop Right Here I Got Love Bobby Kimble
  19. Tin Pan Alley Ray Agee
  20. Baby Please The Markeets
  21. Cherrigale Ed Townsend
  22. What Made You Change Your Mind Vibrations
  23. She’ll Be Gone Betty O’Brian
  24. I Won’t Be Your Fool Little Joe Hinton
  25. I Won’t Cry No More Eugene Jefferson
  26. Someday You’ll Need My Love Betty Willis
  27. Laid Off My Job Too Long Tommy Youngblood
  28. I Tried To Understand Little Johnny Taylor
  29. I Can Tell (I’m Losing You) Lena Calhoun
  30. Doreetha The Golden Tones

Disc Two 1962

  1. That’s All Right Benny Curtis
  2. Don’t Ever Leave Me Bob & Earl
  3. I’m With You All The Way Dorothy Berry
  4. Look At Me Dobie Gray
  5. You’re Too Much Betty & Ray
  6. Shed No Tears Lowell Fulson
  7. Carrying A Torch Wynona Carr
  8. Baby, You Got What It Takes Vernon & Jewels
  9. That’s Where It’s At The Simms Twins
  10. You Crack Me Up Jimmy Norman
  11. Hard Times Jackie Ross
  12. Thirty Miles Of Railroad Track Hammond Brothers
  13. Taking Care Of Business Betty Harris
  14. Troubles On My Mind The Ikettes
  15. I Can’t Waste My Time On You Bob Starr
  16. Gotta Have A Thing Going On Billy Watkins
  17. Don’t Freeze On Me Jessie Mae
  18. Make It Now Benny C Oliver
  19. How Deep Is The Ocean Bobby Valentino
  20. My Man He’s A Lovin’ Man Lela Martin
  21. Time Has Brought About A Change Eugene Church
  22. He’s Down On Me Betty Green
  23. It Hurts Too Much to Cry H B Barnum
  24. Little Cupid Cora Bennette
  25. She Told Me Lies The Marvellos
  26. Tracy Barry White
  27. Baby Wally Trash & Dollets
  28. I’ll Give My Life Brenda Holloway
  29. I Lost The Best Thing I Ever Had Ted Taylor
  30. Soothe Me Sam Cooke

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