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1966-1967. Two years of seismic change in UK history, a time of World Cup wins, of psychedelic ‘happenings’ and Sgt. Pepper, when London’s streets rocked to the sight of mini skirts and Mini Coopers and home-made British pop culture – drawing in everything from satire to sitars – really did look likely to change the world.

British jazz was growing too. Having defined itself through the razor-sharp cool of ‘modernism’, by ’66 it was ready to loosen its collar and let its hair down, feeding directly from an anarchic new breed of young musicians able to move between styles as never before, allowing everything from the avant-garde to R&B colour their work.

London was now swinging in every direction, like some vast kaleidoscopic merry-go-round. This, then, is the story of those British jazzmen who came along for the ride, some clinging on with white-knuckles and gritted teeth, others enjoying the trip of their lives.

Booklet notes by Simon Spillett


The set is magnificent… serves as a wonderful bridge spanning the Atlantic, pulling the two jazz cultures together. The Brit-jazz tracks in ’66 are sensational. One after the next is rich with energy, power and guile as groups such as the Michael Garrick Sextet, the Stan Tracey Quartet, the Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet and Gordon Beck Trio tear neatly into originals.

The American tracks from the same year are largely little-known jazz-funk and soul-jazz pieces. The set is smartly curated… All have locked-in grooves and are tasty.

The 1967 material is even stronger…And yes, every single track is outrageously excellent. There’s no filler here. And the sound is very good. I’ll be listening to this set several additional times between now and the end of the weekend. Once again, a superb job by R&B Records. Hats off to the set’s producer/editor. Great choices all.

Mark Myers Jazz Wax

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Disc One       British Jazz 1966

  1. The Men From Auntie Humphrey Lyttelton Big Band
  2. What’s Her Name?  Ian Hamer Sextet
  3. Cox’s Pippin Mike Carr Trio
  4. Change of Setting  Tubby Hayes Quartet
  5. Virgo Gordon Beck Trio
  6. Tootin’ And Flutin’  Rendell/Carr Quintet
  7. Treat It Lightly  Ronnie Scott
  8. Pig and Pepper Stan Tracey Quartet
  9. Shiva Michael Garrick Sextet
  10. Freedom Monday  The Les Condon Quartet
  11. Blues Da Camera  John Surman Quartet
  12. Bluesology  Alex Welsh & His Band
  13. Punjab Johnny Scott & Orchestra
  14. Dear Old Stockholm  Danny Moss
  15. Ugetsu Ronnie Ross
  16. Afro-Charlie Kenny Clare & Ronnie Stephenson
  17. Big P Neil Ardley New Jazz
  18. Themes From Alfie  Sonny Rollins Quintet

Disc Two      Jazz USA 1967

  1. Lonely Avenue  Freddie McCoy
  2. Cold Jam for Breakfast  Jimmy Coe
  3. The Dozens  Charlie Earland
  4. What A Piece Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers
  5. Vampire Jimmy Tillman Quartet
  6. Bat Man Les McCann Ltd
  7. Mizrab  Gabor Szabo
  8. A Time And A Place  Milt Jackson
  9. Soul Roach  Merle Saunders
  10. Nuttin’ Out Jones  Prince Lasha Ensemble
  11. Unhlanhla  Hugh Masekela
  12. Boo-D-Doo  Richard “Groove” Holmes
  13. Mohair Sam  The Three Sounds
  14. Bossa Blue Port  Birds Of Paradise
  15. One Track Mind  Freddie Roach
  16. Hallelujah  Jimmy McGriff
  17. Feeling Good  Sarah Cantine & Her Trio
  18. Just For Fun-K  Eric Kloss
  19. Captain Jack Ken Jensen Quartet
  20. Soul Mountain  Gene Ludwig
  21. Black Diamond  Milt Sealey Trio
  22. In The Name Of Love  Kenny Rankin

Disc Three   British Jazz 1967

  1. Limited Freedom  Harry South Big Band
  2. Got To Get You Into My Life  Carmen McRae
  3. Nico’s Dream  Mike Carr Quartet
  4. Finky Minky  Tubby Hayes Quartet
  5. Strollin’ South  Joe Harriot Quintet
  6. Baby Blue  Tony Coe
  7. Murdering The Time  Stan Tracey Big Band
  8. It’s For You  Johnny Scott Quintet
  9. Time Check  Dave Lee Quintet
  10. Rupert’s Romp Dudley Moore Trio
  11. Le Roi Dick Morrissey Quartet
  12. Serves Me Right To Suffer Georgie Fame Quartet
  13. Bells Blues Mike Carr Quartet
  14. Sad September  Ike Isaacs
  15. Blues March Eric Delaney & Louie Bellson
  16. Blue Monk Humphrey Lyttelton Big Band
  17. Listen To Music Johnny Hawksworth
  18. Everywhere Derriere Stan Tracey Quartet

Disc Four      Jazz USA 1967

  1. Mustang Curtis Amy Septet
  2. Yon Gimmie Thum  The Young-Holt Unlimited
  3. ‎Gonna Get That Boat Johnny Lytle Quartet
  4. Comin’ Home Baby Fred Ramirez
  5. Sunny Jerome Richardson
  6. Bucket O’ Grease Les McCann
  7. You Had Better Listen Jimmy Owens/Kenny Barron
  8. Luke  The Lightmen
  9. Hip Hug Her  Chico O’Farrill Orchestra
  10. In The Dark Byrdie Green
  11. You Ain’t Too Cool Cash McCall
  12. East Side Hank Jacobs
  13. Dirty Apple Johnny Hammond Smith Septet
  14. Daria The Latin Jazz Quintet
  15. Peas ‘n’ Rice Freddie McCoy
  16. Greasy Greens Lionel Hampton
  17. Sorry Bout That Harold Johnson Sextet
  18. 2 Step Ray Pettis
  19. Quiet Village Odell Brown & The Organ-Izers
  20. The Sidewinder The Soul Society

An extra CD available as a free bonus only if bought direct from us

  1. Things We Said Today London Jazz Four
  2. Play With Fire Joe Pass
  3. Acka Raga John Mayers I-J-7 ‎
  4. Days Of Wine And Roses  Eddie Lockjaw Davis
  5. Hi Heel Sneakers Benny Poole
  6. Coming Home Baby Harry Stoneham/Johnny Eyden
  7. Field Day For Shirley Dudley Moore
  8. This Little Light Of Mine The Young-Holt Trio
  9. Song For My Father Sam Hankins & The Ho-Dads
  10. Heigh Ho! David Snell
  11. Don’t Fall Off The Bridge Dick Morrissey Quartet
  12. Mandingo Deacon Witherspoon
  13. Smoky City Hank Crawford ‎
  14. M1 Laurie Johnson Orchestra
  15. Leeway Mike Taylor Quartet
  16. Midnight Special The Les McNasty Five
  17. Sonnymoon For Two Tubby Hayes Orchestra
  18. Ramblin’ Alexis Korner’s Blues Inc
  19. Do The Jake Victor Feldman
  20. 58th Street Bobby Bryant Sextet
  21. Little Girl In Blue John Dankworth
  22. Monkey Train Manfred Mann