The mambo was born in Cuba in 1938, of African and European parentage. It arrived in New York ten years later via Havana and Mexico City. 1954 was the year of the mambo in America as dancers flocked to the ballrooms to see exciting new bands led by Machito, Tito Puente, Perez Prado and Tito Rodriguez. To cash in on the craze, record companies encouraged their R&B artists to come up with songs in a Latin vein and to include the word mambo in the title.

Latin rhythms have infiltrated every branch of popular music, but none has had such a wide ranging influence as the rumba. Its 3-3-2 rhythm, combined with the New Orleans second line beat, formed the basis of the Stax and Motown sound and the more complex rhythms of funk in the 1960s.


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Disc One
1. Annie’s Mambo T.N.T. Tribble
2. Cozy’s Mambo Cozy Cole
3. Mambo Blues Cherokee & Band
4. The Crazy Mambo Classie Ballou
5. Early Morning Mambo Billy Taylor Trio
6. Hamp´s Mambo Lionel Hampton
7. I Just Wanna Mambo Linda Hayes
8. Night Train Mambo Jimmy Forrest
9. Night Train Mambo J.J. Jones
10. Mambo Train The Miracletones
11. Perdido Mambo Larry Liggett
12. Showboat Mambo Tiny Grimes
13. Peter Gunn Mambo Jack Costanzo
14. Robin’s Mambo Tony Martinez
15. We Want to See Santa Mambo Big John Greer
16. Mambo Blues Buddy Lucas
17. Guitar Mambo Mickey Baker
18. Mambo Baby Edna McGriff
19. Mambo Indio Shake Keane
20. Johnny Comes Marching Mambo Manny Duran
21. Real Gone Mambo Bill Doggett
22. Mambo Beat Walter Ward
23. Blues ‘n’ Mambo Chuck Higgins
24. Mambo With Moody James Moody
25. Bo Mambo Yma Sumac
26. South Parkway Mambo The Bop-A-Loos
27. Goza Mi Mambo Arcano
28. Cuban Mambo Pérez Prado
29. Mambo Blues Nat Brooks
30. Jackie Mambo Choker Campbell

Disc Two
1. Big Joe Mambo Fay Simmons
2. Helena Mambo Rollee McGill
3. Hi-Beam Mambo Charlie Ferguson
4. After Hours Mambo J.J. Jones
5. Mambo Jungle Mel Gray
6. Blues King Mambo Harmonica ‘Harris
7. Mambo Baby Dolly Wade
8. Guitarambo Mickey Baker
9. Filatone’s Mambo Lawrence Peel
10. Mambo Classie Ballou
11. Mambo Blues Robert Banks
12. Mamboogie Sonny Burke
13. Mambino Kid King
14. Sandman Mambo Chris Powell
15. Clock Mambo Esther Sutherland
16. Mambo’s Got the Blues Vin Strong
17. Mambo Twist Chaz + 2
18. Don’t Teach Me To Mambo Paul Williams
19. Slide’s Mambo Buddy Johnson
20. T-Town Mambo Ernie Fields
21. Mambo Arribique Otis Freeman
22. Mambo Daddy The Celebrities
23. St Louis Blues Mambo Ellie Russell
24. Mambo Baby The Five Tinos
25. Junior’s Mambo Larry Liggett
26. Avalon Mambo Gene Casey
27. Dragnet Mambo Carlos Molina
28. Lucky Mambo Juan Toradez
29. Judo Mambo Jimmy Smith
30. Mambo Holiday Joe Holiday

Bonus Disc (Only available if bought direct from us)
Bonus Disc
1. Mambo Hop Oscar Saldana
2. Mambostic Earl Bostic
3. Jumping At The Woodside Mambo Larry Liggett
4. Mambo Diablo Tito Puente
5. She Wants To Mambo Chanters
6. Mambo Mexicano (Pt 1) Gerald Wilson
7. Mambo Mexicano (Pt 2) Gerald Wilson
8. Middle Of The Mambo Chuck Higgins
9. Mambo (Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite I) Machito
10. Mambo Inn René Touzet
11. Mambo Macumba Cal Tjader
12. Calypso Mambo George Browne
13. Rosco’s Mambo Rosco Gordon
14. Bunny Hop Mambo Duke Ellington
15. Yiddishe Mambo Mickey Katz
16. Blues Mambo Sonny Thompson
17. Mandolino Mambo Chris Powell
18. Don’t Play No Mambo The Charioteers
19. Mardi Gras Mambo Jody Levens
20. They Were Doing The Mambo Joe Liggins
21. Ma Ma Yoquiero Mambo Larry Liggett
22. Mambo Inn Count Basie Orchestra
23. Mambo Is Everywhere Billy Brooks
24. Mambo For Dancers B Brown McVouts
25. Lily Maebelle Mambo Jimmy Wright
26. Mambo Boogie The Nobletones
27. Gehakte Mambo Mickey Katz
28. Good Mambo Tonight Wynonie Harris
29. Stop Mambo Danny Kirkland
30. Beginners Mambo Claude Cloud Thunderclaps

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