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In New York, the shape of African-American music was changing in 1970. Funk was now the thing. Groups like the Isley Brothers and Kool & The Gang were leading the charge and almost everyone was following, as can be heard on most of the tracks here. The structure of the music business was altering as well. Prominent independent record labels like Veep, Diamond and Amy that had featured strongly in previous LPs in this series, had already closed their doors, while other large concerns such as Musicor, Jubilee, Kapp and Shout were on their last legs.

But despite this we’ve still been able to find 17 stunning soul songs to populate this album. And while funky rhythms predominate there is still room for mainstream soul, sweet soul and group harmonies to savour. Singers move from the rightly celebrated such as Garnett Mimms and Marva Whitney to the obscure Lee Jackson and Beverly Hammonds. But all of them demonstrate the power and prestige of Big Apple music at its best.


Notes by John Ridley

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Side One
 1.       Giving Up On Love Marva Whitney

2.       Sho-Be-Do-Di-Da Swordsmen

3.       Ordinary People Lee Jackson

4.       Alligator Strut Jay Morton

5.       You Showed Me The Light Of Love Jive Fyve

6.       Make Love Love To Me Honey & Bees

7.       Piece Of My Heart Rudy Mockabee

8.       Get It While You Can Garnet Mimms


Side Two

1.       Never Ever Leave Me Geraldine Hunt

2.       Please Have Mercy Baby Honey & Bees

3.       Don’t Mess With My Lovemaker  Frankie Newsome

4.       This Is My Quest Marva Whitney

5.       I Wish It Would Rain Beverly Hammonds

6.       If I Don’t Love You Bobby Reed

7.       A Sinners’ Prayer Vic Marcel

8.       Beautiful Music Hoagy Lands & Lillie Fields

9.       I’m Gonna Wait For You Vandals