Here’s a selection of cracking R&B instrumentals, and scarcely a chart hit amongst them. Guitar-led rockers from the West Coast, with fiery picking and heavy blues/rock riffs from Johnny Talbot, Travis Wammack and Roy Buchanan and some early fuzzbox action from Lou Josie of the Ho-Dads. There’s Louisiana sounds from Mac “Dr. John” Rebennack and Robert Parker with Mid-West guitar grooves by Tommy Tucker, Freddy King and Little Milton. Up in New York, you’ve got B.B. King, Wild Jimmy Spruill, and King Curtis blowing out on Soul Train. Dave Lewis and The Exotics were from Seattle and there’s even a Canadian group, future comedian Tommy Chong’s Little Daddy & The Bachelors. These are the records Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Dave Davies, Jeff Beck et al were listening to in 1964.

An extra 2CD set is available as a free bonus only if bought direct from us.


Sheer eye-opening delight…Its absolute playability is amazing. There’s little need to press the skip button, just sit back and enjoy. Alan Taylor Pipeline

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1963 Disc One
1. Soul Train (Pts. 1 & 2) The Ramrods
2. Soul House Ed Pauling & The Exciters
3. Rockin’ Awhile B.B. King
4. Midnight David Rockingham Trio
5. Braggin’ The Temptations
6. Meddlin’ Little Milton
7. Walkin’ Charlie Lucas Combo
8. Trottin’ Jimmy McCracklin
9. Susie Q The King Bees
10. Moanin’ Jody Williams
11. The Snake The Charmers
12. The Scratch Long John Hunter
13. The Worm Big Bill
14. The Spook Pete Drake
15. The Shoe Shy (Pt. 2) Joe Hughes
16. Honky The Ho-Dads
17. Tension The Nu-Trons
18. Hound Dog Twist Whispering Smith
19. Mo Onions Booker T. & The M.G.’s
20. Crossroads Randolph Stiles
21. Bui Bui L. Hollis & Mackadoos
22. Ba Dada Sam Kimble
23. Just About Daybreak The Mighty Trojans
24. Ginger Snap The Exotics
25. Chinese Checkers The Souljers
26. ‎Aw Shucks J. J. Jones & Combo
27. Back Slop Baby Earl & Trini-Dads
28. Back Slap South St. Six
29. Jammin’ Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez
30. The Ragman Wardell & Royal Dukes

1963 Disc Two
1. Bossa Nova Watusi Freddy King
2. Trophy Run The Temps
3. Cornbread Doc Bagby
4. High Sailing Claude & The Hightones
5. Big Nick James Booker
6. Whole Lotta Nothin’ The Merced Blue Notes
7. Guitar Riff Jesse Thomas
8. Dawn The David Rockingham Trio
9. Up Town The Ohio Untouchables
10. Theme From Exodus Trudy Pitts & Mr. Carney
11. Flip Flip Andy Belvin
12. Memphis The Dan-Dees
13. Hot Cakes! Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez
14. Harmonica Twist Whispering Smith
15. Show Down Buddy Lucas
16. Sack O’ Woe Clifford Scott
17. Cheese Cake The Nite Sounds
18. Cut And Dried Wild Jimmy Spruill
19. Syam’s Blues King Syam
20. The Laughing Monkey Robert Parker
21. Shrimp Boat Mac Rebennack
22. Flapjacks (Pt. 2) Googie Rene
23. The Storm The Furys
24. Hideout Jody Williams
25. The Clap Huey ‘Piano’ Smith
26. Partying Groove R.D. Stokes
27. Crackerjack Ike Turner
28. In The Dog House Mack Johnson Combo
29. David’s Mood Dave Lewis
30. Pickin’ Heavy Joe Scott

1964 Disc Three
1. Junior’s Jerk Little Daddy & Bachelors
2. Making Tracks Sammy Johns & Devilles
3. Watcha Wanna Do Johnny Talbot
4. The Cricket ‘Gatemouth’ Brown
5. Soulful Chant David Rockingham Trio
6. Mo’ Shorty Tommy Tucker
7. Kicker Big Bill Doggett
8. Chittlins Gus Jenkins
9. Manhole Freddy King
10. I’ve Been Thinking Doc Starkes & Nite Riders
11. Sizzlin’ Johnny Hartsman
12. It Ain’t My Fault Smokey Johnson
13. Fire Fly Travis Wammack
14. Cozy Lounge Blues Kid Thomas
15. Blues For Sonny Sonny Lantz
16. Frog Eyes Terrell Prude
17. Creepin’ The Jay-Hawks
18. The Last Minute The Mixtures
19. Big Beat Blues The Big Beats
20. Red Lips Tall Pall Hankins
21. Huggie’s Bunnies The Blendells
22. How About It Big Bo Thomas
23. Beachcomber The Johnny Gibson Trio
24. The Monkey Shout Bobby Davis
25. Cross Hands (Pt. 1) Big Moose McDowell
26. Snuff Willie Weems & Outlaws
27. Watermelon Man Miss Elsie Smith
28. World Boogie Bukka White
29. Hi-Heel Sneakers Mickey Tucker
30. Gorilla Walk The Blockbusters

1964 Disc Four
1. Muddy (Pt. 1) The Blockbusters
2. Muddy (Pt. 2) The Blockbusters
3. Sen-Sa-Shun The Mixtures
4. Toe Jam Elliott Shavers & Bossmen
5. Joy De Vie David Rockingham Trio
6. Sugar Hips Louisiana Red
7. Stand Tall The Cals
8. Teen Scene Noble ‘Thin Man’ Watts
9. Willow Brook Tommy Lewis
10. Monkey J. C. Davis
11. A Ritual Pt. 1 The Sparks Orch.
12. Black Eyed Peas The Joe Lee Combo
13. The Foxtrot Earl Hooker
14. Going Home To Stay The Big Beats
15. Jump For Joy Charlie Lucas Combo
16. Gut Bucket Willard Burton & Stereotones
17. Set Six Jimmy McCracklin
18. Gettin’ Away The Turnabouts
19. Tizzy Jon Thomas
20 Scramblin’ Big Charles Smith
21. The Drag Ike & Dee Dee Johnson
22. Mo’ Jerk The Dukeys
23. Chicken Shake ‘Gatemouth’ Brown
24. Hi Heel Sneakers The Three Souls
25. Wildcat (Pts. 1 & 2) Red Prysock
26. Greens Willie Weems & Outlaws
27. Joe’s House Rent Party Tall Pall Hankins
28. Pompton Turnpike Floyd Morris
29. Henry’s In (Pt. 1) Sam Kimble
30. Henry’s In (Pt. 2) Sam Kimble

An extra 2CD set available as a free bonus only if bought direct from us.

1963 BONUS Disc One
1. Tic-Tac-Toe Booker T. & The M.G.’s
2. One Of Mine Jimmy McGriff
3. The Hash Johnny Otis
4. Dolow The Furys
5. J.F.K. Part 1 Mike Hanks
6. Rough Dried Woman 2 Big Mac Part 2
7. Meetin’ Place Trudy Pitts & Mr. Carney
8. Troubled Times Willis Jackson
9. Buzzin’ Slim Harpo
10. Sippin’ Soda Albert Collins
11. Chittlin’ Juice Gene Ludwig
12. The Hawg, Pt. 1 Eddie Kirk
13. Eastside Blues Oliver Sain
14. Grasshopper Twist The Blazers
15. Bawana Jinde Al Duncan
16. Gettin’ Late Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm
17. Southern Feeling Little Walter
18. Mashed Potatoes Cal Carter
19. Thanks You Mr Kennedy Byther Smith
20. Bright Sounds Big Moose Walker & The Jams
21. Past Bedtime Rockin’ Sidney And His Dukes
22. Late Freight Twist Pt. 2 Floyd Dixon
23. Warm Up King Alex & The Untouchables
24.Rock My Soul Elliott Shavers
25. Up Jumped Elmore Elmore James
26. Cuban Cane Fields Willard Burton
27. Tastie (Pts. 1 & 2) T. J. Fowler
28. Get Up Big Charles Smith
29. Belly Rub Tab Smith Trio
30. Tough Bill Smith Combo

1964 BONUS Disc Two
1. Country Line Special Cyril Davies
2. Twine Time Alvin Cash
3. Big Chief Professor Longhair
4. Party At Lester’s Lou Ragland
5. Jerk, Baby Jerk Smoky And The Fabulous Blades
6. The Cat Jimmy Smith
7. Memphis Lonnie Mack
8. Deuces Wild Link Wray & The Wraymen
9. So Far Away Hank Jacobs
10. Hot Fudge Bill Doggett
11. Twistin’ The Strings Ike Turner
12. That Mellow Thang Dorothy Ashby Trio
13. One More Time Johnny Hartsman Band
14. Goose Pimples Butch Cornell’s Trio
15. Coolin’ Out J. C. Davis
16. Bee Dee David Rockingham Trio
17. Flim Flam Lionel Torrence
18.Noble’s Theme Noble ‘Thin Man’ Watts
19. Kaiak Pt.1 Walter Hamilton
20. Ruby’s Monkey Willie Mabon
21.Comin’ Home Baby Mike Shapiro & The Sharpies
22. Off the Hook Big Moose Walker & The Jams
23. Green Onions Sam Wright
24. Hot Pickles Mack Johnson Combo
25. Poochum The Souljers
26. Talkin’ Bout You Pt.1 Luther Randolph & Johnny Stiles
27. Bossa Baby Googie Rene Combo
28. Memphis Bo Diddley
29. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers Clifford Davis
30. Harem Girl Butch Vaden & The Nite Sounds

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