1962 was the peak year for hit records instrumental-style, with no less than 123 discs scoring on the American pop charts. There wasn’t much in the hit parade to interest R&B fans though, apart from King Curtis’s Soul Twist, Booker T. & The MG’s Green Onions and James Brown’s Night Train, but that’s where Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1962 comes in. So what was new in 1962? A bit of surf, a bit of funk, a brand new rhythm on Boogie Twist. More slinky organ groovers, uptown dancers and late night smoochers for teenagers to dance to.
And there you have it – 58 R&B scorchers with rhythm aplenty.


These albums are full of big, fat chugging and swinging bluesy numbers…With their excellent sound and at such good value for money these CDs will delight fans of the genre. Alan Taylor Pipeline


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Disc One
1. The Toddle Little Walter
2. Chicken Stuff Hop Wilson
3. Chittlins Willie Egans
4. Sweet Potato Bill Parker Band
5. The Big Push Cal Green
6. Bo’s Guitar Bo Diddley
7. Ingo Chuck Berry
8. Hey! Pardner Classie Ballou
9. Move It On Down The Line Harold Jackson
10. Tore Up Danny Jones
11. Let’s Get It Edgar Blanchard
12. Upsetter Rock The Upsetters
13. Tickle Toe Paul Gayten
14. Tic Toc Lee Allen & His Band
15. Collins’ Shuffle Albert Collins
16. Yeah! Louis Carpenter
17. Cha Cha All Night Long Joe Houston
18. Bushes Tiny Bradshaw
19. Boppin’ & A-Strollin’ Leonard James
20. Background Lefty Bates
21. Sawmill Section Judge Davis
22. Wolf Call Earl Washington
23. 7-11 The Gone All Stars
24. Coach Train Herb Hardesty
25. The Large Charge The Chargers
26. Midnight Earl Earl Grant
27. The Slide Noble ‘Thin Man’ Watts
28. Whirlaway Al Tousan
29. Caravan Cozy Cole Septet
30. Hold It Bill Doggett

Disc Two

  1. Love Bounce T-V Slim
  2. My Sandra’s Jump D. Stokes
  3. Uptight Herman Griffin
  4. The Dribble The Mar-Keys
  5. Green Monkeys The Parkays
  6. Back To Back Paul Williams
  7. Why Do You Twist Hop Wilson
  8. 3 O’ Clock Stomp B. King
  9. Defrost Albert Collins
  10. High Rise Freddy King
  11. Oh What A Party Freddie Robinson
  12. Too Tough Gus Jenkins
  13. Slipping In Lee Walker
  14. Stretchin’ Out Don & Dewey
  15. The Crawlback Frank Frost
  16. Hard Times Googie René
  17. Night Stroll Harry Lewis
  18. Saturday Night Stomp Eddie Kirkland
  19. Scratch ‘n’ Twist Wild Jimmy Spruill
  20. House Warmin’ Howard McGhee
  21. Alley Music Hound Dog Taylor
  22. Jet Stream Jerry McCain
  23. One Naughty Flat Mac Rebennack
  24. Loco Bill Smith Combo
  25. Butter Beans Elliott Shavers
  26. Double Whammy The Whammies 
  27. You Can’t Sit Down Chris Columbo
  28. Camp Meetin’ Don Wilkerson
  29. The Watusi Roll Hank Marr


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Bonus Disc

Bossa Nova Blues                                           Freddy King                                                       King LP 821

Shimmy Shimmy Walk (Pts. 1 & 2)                The Megatons                                                    Checker 1005

I’ve Got A Woman (Pts 1 & 2)                         Jimmy McGriff                                                  Sue 770

Jam Up Twist                                                   Tommy Ridgley                                                 Atlantic 2136

Beale Street Popeye                                        Earl Forest                                                         Duke 349

Church Street Battle                                        Daddy G & The Church Street Five                  LeGrand

Fat Boy                                                            Bob Mersey                                                       Family SFLP 550

The Mash                                                         Bud Spudd and the Sprouts                              EM 1001

Tubby (Pts. 1 & 2)                                            James Booker                                                   Peacock 1908

Dance Time                                                     Wardell & The Sultans                                       Imperial 5812

Rufus                                                               The Merced Blue Notes                                    Accent 1069

Soul Twist                                                        King Curtis And His Noble Knights                    Enjoy 1000

Shuffle Out                                                      Long John Hunter                                              Yucca

Midnight Special                                              Jimmy Smith                                                     Blue Note 1819

Rainbow Stomp (Pt. 2)                                    The Mixtures                                                      Linda 104

Look At Your Girl                                             Googie Rene                                                     Kapp 449

Chop Celery                                                     R.D. Stokes                                                       II Bro’s 100

Fishtail                                                              The Earthworms (Little Milton)                          Bobbin 136

Slow Draggin’                                                   Wild Jimmy Spruill                                             Everlast 5017

Crazy Strings                                                    Clarence Green                                                   Shomar 42063

Pinetop                                                             Johnny Jenkins                                                   Gerald 1001

Shake ‘Em Up                                                   Elliot Shavers & His Blazers                               Ellen ‎501

Sting Ray                                                          Bill Ramal                                                          MGM E 4051

Tanya                                                               Earl Hooker                                                        Checker 1025

No Way Out                                                     The Mighty Men                                                 Duchess 1006

Three Quarter Stomp                                        Preston Jackson & Rhythm Aces                        Hermitage 802

Keep Getting Up                                               Larry Dale                                                          Atlantic 2133

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