Link Wray’s Rumble and Bill Doggett’s Hold It are the only two big hits included on this collection, which puts a deserved spotlight on both long-forgotten records by established artists and on fabulous obscurities by long-forgotten artists. But rest assured, this is a cracking compilation from start to finish, with Southern swamp rock, spicy New Orleans rhythms and Northern city blues. Guitar and sax-led rockers, slinky organ stompers, Latin groovers – all in all, 60 mighty instrumental stompers from 1958, R&B-style.


…cracking albums of often rare bluesy instrumentals…sexy, saxy and groovy keyboards aplenty! These fantastic sets are definitely full fat! Brilliant and what value! Dave Peckett Gandy Dancer

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Disc One

  1. The Toddle Little Walter
  2. Chicken Stuff Hop Wilson
  3. Chittlins Willie Egans
  4. Sweet Potato Bill Parker Band
  5. The Big Push Cal Green
  6. Bo’s Guitar Bo Diddley
  7. Ingo Chuck Berry
  8. Hey! Pardner Classie Ballou
  9. Move It On Down The Line Harold Jackson
  10. Tore Up Danny Jones
  11. Let’s Get It Edgar Blanchard
  12. Upsetter Rock The Upsetters
  13. Tickle Toe Paul Gayten
  14. Tic Toc Lee Allen & His Band
  15. Collins’ Shuffle Albert Collins
  16. Yeah! Louis Carpenter
  17. Cha Cha All Night Long Joe Houston
  18. Bushes Tiny Bradshaw
  19. Boppin’ & A-Strollin’ Leonard James 
  20. Background Lefty Bates
  21. Sawmill Section Judge Davis
  22. Wolf Call Earl Washington
  23. 7-11 The Gone All Stars
  24. Coach Train Herb Hardesty
  25. The Large Charge The Chargers
  26. Midnight Earl Earl Grant
  27. The Slide Noble ‘Thin Man’ Watts
  28. Whirlaway Al Tousan
  29. Caravan Cozy Cole Septet
  30. Hold It Bill Doggett

Disc Two

  1. Tadpole Wiggle The Stone Crushers
  2. The Duck Walk Chuck Higgins
  3. Way Out East Jake Porter
  4. Lonesome Guitar Edgar Blanchard
  5. Special Delivery Stomp Earl Bostic
  6. Guitar Boogie Chuck Berry
  7. Guitar Cha Cha Cha Memphis Slim
  8. What’s Your Name The Monorays
  9. Frisco Louis Brooks
  10. The Freeze Fention
  11. Hard Grind Wild Jimmy Spruill
  12. Rainbow Riot Bill Doggett
  13. Man That’s Choice Sam ‘The Man’ Taylor
  14. Shufflin’ The Blues T Bone Walker
  15. Boppin’ At the Hop Lee Allen
  16. ‎Night Flight Jimmy Forrest
  17. Hideout Ervin Rucker
  18. Chinese Rock & Roll The Flock-Rocker 
  19. Minglin’ Buddy Johnson
  20. Am I Blue Lefty Bates
  21. The Strip The Upsetters
  22. Rock-A-Cha Irving Ashby
  23. Drum Village Earl Palmer
  24. Sassy Herb Hardesty
  25. Wiggle Tail Googie Rene
  26. Day Break Blues Sonny Thompson
  27. Congo Rock Panama Francis
  28. Green’s Blues Cal Green
  29. I Am Tipping Out Bill Ace
  30. Rumble Link Wray

Bonus Disc

  1. The Shimmy Chico Booth & The Upsetters Palm 200
  2. Shake It Duke Jenkins Cobra 5020
  3. Miss Letha Jones The Chargers B.E.A.T. 1006
  4. Little Hawk’s Walk Rusty Bryant Dot 15541
  5. Hot Tamales Noble ‘Thin Man’ Watts Baton 266
  6. Honeycomb Edgar Blanchard Ric
  7. Flip Flop And Bop Floyd Cramer RCA 7156
  8. Wicked Ronnie Isle MGM 12682
  9. Cha Cha Rock Rickey Aquary Criterion CR1
  10. Strollin’ Champion Jack Dupree Atlantic 2032
  11. Ala Carte James Red Holloway Mad 1297
  12. Teenage Rock Little ‘Gonzo’ Booker Ace 547
  13. Crawfish The Stone Crushers Victor 47-7309
  14. Juke Joint Ashton Savoy Hollywood 1081
  15. Miserlou Earl Washington Checker 905
  16. Overton Lea Drive Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers Excello 2141
  17. Skumbo Googie Rene Class 248
  18. Rocko Soco The Surf Riders Nasco 6008
  19. Rumba Rockin’ With Coleman Herb Hardesty Wing 12152
  20. Track Down Calvin Frazier Checker 908
  21. Chuckwalk Chuck Berry Chess
  22. Topsy Pt 2 Cozy Cole Love 5004
  23. Freeze Albert Collins Kangaroo 103
  24. Hi Ho Sonny Thompson Chart 645
  25. Milk Shake T.J. Fowler Bow 309
  26. My Mood Cliff Butler Nasco 6003
  27. The Sneak Jimmy Olivers Orchestra Sue 707
  28. South Shore Drive Noble ‘Thin Man’ Watts Vee-Jay 268
  29. After Hours (No. 2) The Flock-Rocker Planet 103
  30. Drum Village Part 1 Earl Palmer Capitol 3899
  31. Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Johnny Pate Quintet Federal


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