This set brings together the finest R&B instrumentals recorded between 1956 and 1957, putting the spotlight both on long-forgotten records by established artists and fabulous obscurities by long-forgotten ones! It’s a cracking compilation from start to finish: Mid-West electric blues, Southern swamp rock, spicy New Orleans rhythms, sophisticated West-Coast productions and East Coast city blues, dominated by guitarists and saxophonists but interspersed with a few organists, accordionists, pianists, harmonicists and even a unitarist. All in all, 120 mighty instrumental stompers from 1956-57, R&B-style. Glorious stuff!

An extra 2CD set is available as a free bonus only if bought direct from us.


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1956 Disc One
1. Hey, Bo Eddie Bo
2. Unitar Rock Willie Joe
3. The Midnite Creeper Johnny Otis
4. Harlem Nocturne Earl Bostic
5. Mr. Bumps Edgar Blanchard
6. Destination Mars Frosty & Diamonds
7. Congo Mombo Guitar Gable
8. Strollin’ Doc Bagby
9. Strollin’ With Nolen Jimmy Nolen
10. Tricky Gus Jenkins
11. Country Boogie Preston Love
12. Poor People Of Paris Chris Powell
13. Billy’s Blues (Pt. 1) Billy Stewart
14. Get Up And Go Al Smith
15. Moore Boogie Abe Moore
16. Elmo’s Shuffle Elmore James
17. Yardmaster Jake Porter
18. The Big Wheel Clifton Chenier
19. Big Boy Bill Doggett
20. Driving Home (Pt. 1) Charles Walker
21. Driving Home (Pt. 2) Charles Walker
22. Fiddlin’ The Blues Don Dewey
23. The Vamp Lloyd Glenn
24. Succotash Roy Milton
25. Show Time Harold Jackson
26. After Hours Express Frank Culley
27. After Hour Swing Sam Price
28. Yo Yo Blues Tab Smith
29. Git With It Rock Murphy
30. The Beast Milt Buckner

1956 Disc Two
1. Congo Mombo Muvva Hubbard
2. Lester’s Stomp Lazy Lester
3. Slummin’ Don & Dewey
4. Boogie Beat Levi Seabury
5. Smokey Room Lowell Fulson
6. Untitled Chuck Berry
7. Midnight Googie Rene
8. Chicago Cha Cha Lefty Bates
9. Crowley Blues Clarence Locksley
10. Big Boy’s Bounce Big Boy Groves
11. Rock & Roll March Rhythm Aces
12. Rock House Calvin Frazier
13. Cool Diggin’ Maxwell Davis
14. Loco-Motion Irving Ashby
15. Waughely’s Boogie Milliard Lee
16. Bluesy Louie Myers
17. Gum Shoe Sonny Thompson
18. Straight To Watts Jimmy O’Brien
19. Pie a la Mode Lorenzo Holden
20. Buddy’s Boogie Buddy Johnson
21. Tie It Down Pee Wee Crayton
22. St. Louis Blues Rock Murphy
23. Spanish Guitar Bo Diddley
24. Guitar Rhumba Earl Hooker
25. Creole Alley Lee Allen
26. Harlem Nocturne J.J. Jones
27. Flying Saucer Little Walter
28. Bubbis (Pt. 1) Jimmy Smith
29. Bubbis (Pt. 2) Jimmy Smith
30. Sweet Sixteen Bars Ray Charles

1957 Disc Three
1. Geechi Little Jesse
2. Two Bones And A Pick T-Bone Walker
3. Big Guitar Irving Ashby
4. Shake Dancer Little Walter
5. Side-Track Googie Rene
6. Night Beat Roy Gaines
7. Tank Town The Nite Riders
8. Magic Rocker Magic Sam
9. Mystery Harold & Dimples
10. The Duke Walks Duke Jenkins
11. Deep Feeling Chuck Berry
12. Cha Cha Boogie Louis Carpenter
13. Elmore’s Contribution Elmore James
14. Midnight Happenins Crawford Brothers
15. Leaps And Bounds Bill Doggett
16. Wild Fire Piano Red
17. Jimmy’s Jive Jimmy Nolen
18. Satellite Red Prysock
19. Wishbone Bill Jennings
20. Flippin’ Rene Hall
21. Road House Al Smith
22. Easy Go Willie Littlefield
23. Muscle Tough Doc Bagby
24. Bingo Abe Moore
25. Malibu Bob Reed
26. One O’Clock Jump Martini
27. Muskeeta Johnnie Pate
28. Wa Wa (Pt. 1) Johnny Otis
29. Wa Wa (Pt. 2) Johnny Otis
30. Darkness J.J. Jones

1957 Disc Four
1. Johnny’s Thunderbird Johnny Heartsman
2. Changing Times Cliff Driver
3. Rolling Jimmie Tolliver
4. Back Up Eddie Chamblee
5. Good News R Bland
6. Shuckin’ Joe Houston
7. Lucky Lou Jody Williams
8. Hard Head Jon Thomas
9. Tough Enough Paul Gayten
10. Two-O-Five Jump The Trilyters
11. Guitar Slim Boogie Guitar Slim
12. Easy Pickin’ The Tazman
13. Hob Nob Kid King
14. Cockroach Run Lafayette Thomas
15. Downstairs Plas Johnson
16. Give It Up Paul Williams
17. Minglin’ Buddy Johnson
18. Wow (Pt. 1) Harold Rollins
19. Wow (Pt. 2) Harold Rollins
20. The Slop Louis Jordan
21. Midnite Flight Noble Watts
22. Speak Low Eddie Davis
23. Ends & Odds Jimmy Reed
24. Sloppy Clifton Chenier
25. Chicken Scratch Sammy Franklin
26. The Blooper Johnny Otis
27. Twistin’ The Spots Fats Domino
28. Rock-A-Bucket Ike Turner
29. Walk On Preston Brown
30. Walk Off Preston Brown

An extra 2CD set available as a free bonus only if bought direct from us.

1956 BONUS Disc One
1. In The Bag Boogie Camille Howard
2. Kool Kitty Buddy Johnson
3. Guitar Rhumbo Guitar Gable
4. Mighty Low Milt Buckner
5. Midnight Ramble Big John Greer
6. The Hot Potato Guitar Red
7. Bongo Washie Wado Gene Morris & His King Trotters
8. Flashy Maurice Simons
9. Southbound Special Lloyd Glenn
10. Frog Hop Earl Hooker
11. Drive In Sonny Thompson
12. Drive Out Sonny Thompson
13. The Shimmy Lee Allen & Band
14. Just Whaling Louie Myers & The Aces
15. Wham Bam Googie Rene Combo
16. Kickin’ Lorenzo Holden
17. Peacock Alley Bill Doggett
18. Strawberry Jam Jimmy Nolen
19. Home Run Doc Bagby
20. Dog Faced Boy Preston Love & His Orchestra
21. Spark Plug Gus Jenkins & His Orchestra
22. S & J Abe Moore
23. Drivin’ Home Riff Ruffin
24. Casino Oscar McLollie & His Orchestra
25. Foot Stompin’ David Brooks
26. Can’t Help Myself Jessie Powell
27. Riverboat Dock Washboard Bill
28. Yo Yo Walk The Tune Weavers
29. Ponytail Muvva Hubbard
30. A Frosty Night Pee Wee Crayton

1957 BONUS Disc Two
1. Pay Day Shuffle (Pt. 1) Gus Jenkins
2. Pay Day Shuffle (Pt. 2) Gus Jenkins
3. Twitchy Rene Hall’s Orch & Willie Joe
4. Cat Walk Jack Constanzo
5. Johnny’s Blue Mood Johnny Heartsman
6. The Jam Louis Jordan
7. Frankie And Johnnie Choker Campbell
8. Huggin’ Little Jesse
9. Spinnin’ Rock Boogie Bill Hendricks Orchestra
10. Slow Leake Lafayette Leake
11. Irma Special Roland Mitchell
12. Wiggle Walk Johnny Otis
13. Tall And Short Jesse Stone
14. Midnight Mover Groover Crawford Brothers
15. Honky Tonk Hucklebuck Wild Jimmy Spruill
16. Two Piano Blues Floyd Dixon
17. Motatin’ Irving Ashby
18. Sunrise Googie Rene
19. X-Cello Rock Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers
20. Oh Yeah (Pt. 1) Chris Columbo
21. Oh Yeah (Pt. 2) Chris Columbo
22. Zulu’s Court Sticks Evans & House Rockers
23. Something Else Duke Jenkins
24. Romp & Stomp Chico Chism & Jerry & Garland
25. Road Runner Gus Jenkins
26. Havana Hop Big Jay McNeely
27. Big Boy The Big Beats
28. Lonesome Whistler Lonesome Sundown
29. Gainesville Roy Gaines
30. Sock Dance J.J. Jones

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