Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1955 2CD RANDB089

Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1955 2CD RANDB089

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We bring you 60 mighty instrumental stompers from 1955, R&B-style: Mid-West electric blues, Southern swamp rock, spicy New Orleans rhythms, funky grunting mambos, sophisticated West-Coast productions and East Coast city blues, dominated by guitarists and saxophonists but interspersed with organists, accordionists, pianists and harmonicists. Glorious stuff!

Including label shots and annotated notes


If instrumentals – tenor sax players, harp players, guitarists, piano players – are your thing then this is right up your street. I have to say that I enjoyed (most) of it immensely. Phil Wight B&R

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Disc One

1.      B.B. King Boogie Rock

2.      Preston Love & Orchestra Ali Baba’s Boogie

3.      George Jenkins Last Call

4.      Lloyd Lambert King Cotton

5.      Little Walter Roller Coaster

6.      Louis & Frosty Train Time

7.      Ray Charles A Bit Of Soul

8.      Lafayette Thomas The Thing

9.      Champion Jack Dupree Sharp Harp

10.    Lowell Fulson Rollin’ Blues

11.    Bill Doggett Honey Boy

12.    Big John Greer Night Crawlin’

13.    Hal Paige &The Wailers Guitar Shuffle

14.    Little Walkin’ Willie Clayhouse Blues

15.    Chuck Berry RolliPolli

16.    The Rocking Brothers Behind The Sun

17.    The Nightriders Vacation Train

18.    Clifton Chenier Squeeze Box Boogie

19.    Garland the Great Tree Stump Jump

20.    Duke Jenkins Mambo Blues

21.    Mickey Baker Rock With A Sock

22.    Dusty Brown Rusty Dusty

23.    Jimmy Forrest Night Train Mambo

24.    Piano Red Gordy’s Rock

25.    Jimmy Nolen Slow Freight Back Home

26.    Lorenzo Holden Whipped Cream

27.    Papa Lightfoot  Wild Fire

28.    Maxwell Davis Bluesville

29.    Paul Bascomb Alley “B” On 5th Ave

30.    Fabulous Preston Ooh-La-Cha-Cha

Disc Two

1.      Big John Greer Blam!

2.      Doc Bagby Grinding

3.      Bill Doggett Oof!

4.      The Nightriders Night Ridin`

5.      Preston Love Groove Juice

6.      Paul Bascomb Jumping At The El Cino

7.      J J Jones After Hours Mambo

8.      Champion Jack Dupree Walking The Blues

9.      Cookie &The Cupcakes Blue Bayou Shuffle

10.    Sherman Williams The Snake

11.    Jon Thomas Rib Tips

12.    Pee Wee Crayton Blues Before Dawn

13.    Lloyd Glenn Tiddly-Winks

14.    Eddie Taylor Don’t Knock At My Door

15.    Chuck Higgins Tonky Honk

16.    Larry Liggett The Turtle

17.    Jesse Stone Night Life

18.    Luis Rivera Fat Stocking

19.    The Leathernecks Slow Train Blues

20.    B.B. King Talkin’ The Blues

21.    The Bop-A-Loos South Parkway Mambo

22.    Sonny Terry & Brownie Hootin’ Blues #2

23.    Tab Smith Spider’s Web

24.    Louis Jackson Tweedle Woofin’ Boogie

25.    Red Prysock Hand Clappin’

26.    Turk Kincheloe The Cash Box

27.    Tommy Deans Orchestra Deanie Boy

28.    Johnny Otis Sandy’s Boogie

29.    Roosevelt Levins Oriental Nights Boogie

30.    Elmer Bernstein Man With The Golden Arm