Memphis Soul ‘69 LP

Memphis Soul ‘69 LP


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Side One

  1. Mack Rice Love’s A Mother Brother
  2. James Spencer Take This Woman Off The Corner
  3. Fabulous Untouchables Put On World
  4. Ike & Tina Turner You Got Too Many Ties That Bind
  5. Buddy Grubbs Sugarman
  6. Kim Melvin Keep The Faith
  7. Short Kuts Born On The Bayou
  8. Tony Ashley I’ll Go Crazy

Side Two

  1. Mack Rice Coal Man
  2. Judy Green I Can’t Get Along Without You
  3. Lyndon I Love My Baby
  4. Johnny K Wiley Going Back To Memphis
  5. Rayons I’m Giving Up Baby
  6. Short Kuts One Way Street
  7. Fabulous Untouchables Love On My Mind
  8. Sam Mosley You’ve Got It

1 in stock

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The album, the last in the present series, showcases the various aspects of African-American music in the River City in 1969 – still one of the best music centres in the US. Most southern soul fans will tell you that that the music produced in Memphis in 1967 and 1968 was the pinnacle of quality. So following on from our look at the River City’s soul output in 1967, we now turn our attention to an album covering the next year. As before, the singers here are a heady mixture of local Tennessee talent and welcome soulful guests who journeyed down south hoping that a little of the famous Memphis magic would rub off on their songs. There are soul genres to suit all tastes here – from the deepest ballads to upbeat tracks that will rock your socks off. Soul doesn’t get much better than the artists and their tunes on this LP!

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