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The Dance Craze era was at its height in the years 1960-1961-1962 but by 1963 it was beginning to fizzle out. It came at a time when rhythm and blues was losing its appeal amongst black music buyers, who were being attracted more towards the proto-soul sounds coming from Detroit, New York, Chicago and the deep South. But dance music sold records and the nascent soul stars of the era were not slow to pick up on the trend. This CD, part of the ‘History of Soul’ series, set puts a spotlight on dance records predominantly by early soul artists, some of whom went on to bigger things and some of whom didn’t. The accompanying booklet is written by Robert Pruter, author of the acclaimed ‘Chicago Soul’.

‘First off I must say that having discovered your compilations earlier this year – both r’n’b and soul – I am completely blown away by the breadth and depth, quality and value of these compilations. They immediately became ‘must buys’ until your release rate caused me to slow down before I bankrupted myself. Keep up the good work.’
Malcolm Beattie (Rnb and Soul fan)


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Disc One

1. Shake A Tail Feather The Five Du-Tones
2. Shake Sherrie The Contours
3. Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. James Brown
4. Do Wa Diddi Frank Ballard
5. Carl’s Dance Party Carl Lattimore
6. Teach Me How To Shimmy The Isley Brothers
7. Stupidity The Van Dykes
8. The Greasy Chicken Andre Williams
9. Foot Stomping Pt 1 The Flares
10. Now Let’s Popeye Pt 2 Eddie Bo
11. The Chicken Scratch J.C. Davis
12. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues Arthur Alexander
13. Booty Green Bobby Marchan
14. The Wah-Watusi Dee Dee Sharp
15. The Slop The Olympics
16. The Roach George Hudson
17. Do The Camel Walk Magic Sam
18. The Climb The Coasters
19. Slow Twistin’ Chubby Checker
20. Hitch Hike Marvin Gaye
21. The Bird The Dutones
22. The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist Freddie King
23. (Do The) Mashed Potatoes Pt 1 Nat Kendrick
24. The Snake Maximilian
25. The Chicken Back Pt 2 The Gay Jays
26. Do The Hully Gully King Coleman
27. Pass The Bug Gene the Hat
28. The Hunch Bobby Peterson
29. The Hully Gully Twist Bill Doggett
30. Let’s Pony Again The Vibrations
31. The Stomp The Olympics
32. The Crawl Willie Mitchell

Disc Two

1. Shout and Shimmy James Brown
2. Mashed Potato Time Dee Dee Sharp
3. Bacon Fat Andre Williams
4. The Flea The Five Du-Tones
5. The Twist Hank Ballard
6. Twist It Up Herbert Hunter
7. Pony Time Don Covay
8. Sloppy Twist Thomas Cannaday
9. Dish Rag Pt 1 Nat Kendrick
10. Waddle Waddle The Bracelets
11. (Baby) Hully Gully The Olympics
12. Camel Walk Benny Gordon
13. Let’s Shimmy King Coleman
14. The Continental Walk The Rollers
15. Hush Puppy Gene the Hat
16. Dance The Boomerang The Canjoes
17. The Fly Chubby Checker
18. The Horse Wilbert Harrison
19. The Popeye Lonnie Brooks
20. The Splib Pt 1 J.C. Davis
21. The Squat Big Jay McNeely
22. Shake Shout & Soul Lil Ray
23. Do The Bug George Hudson
24. Twistin’ With The King King Curtis
25. The (Bossa Nova) Bird The Dells
26. The Watusi The Vibrations
27. The Drag The Isley Brothers
28. Let’s Do The Slop Little Joe Cook
29. The Madison Pts 1 & 2 Al Brown’s Tunetoppers
30. Cha-Cha Twist Brice Coefield
31. Twist and Shout The Top Notes

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