Hip! The untold story of Tubby Hayes’ 1965 2CD

Hip! The untold story of Tubby Hayes’ 1965 2CD


Disc One

Commonwealth Jazz Orchestra

August 30th 1965

  1. Change Of Setting
  2. Blues For Pipkins
  3. Double Stopper
  4. The Song Is You
  5. Whisper Not
  6. 100% Proof
  7. Blame It On My Youth
  8. Wives and Lovers
  9. I Never Know When To Say When
  10. What’s Blue?

Disc Two

Tubby Hayes Quartet

January 25th 1965

  1. Mini Minor
  2. Con Alma
  3. Sometime Ago
  4. Souriya
  5. So What

July 12th 1965* (low fidelity recording)

  1. Change Of Setting
  2. Alone Together
  3. Sometime Ago
  4. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
  5. Don’t Fall Off The Bridge



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In the high-profile, microscopically documented career of British jazz icon Tubby Hayes, 1965 appears the ‘year that never was’; no new Hayes’ LP appeared and for the first time in a decade the charismatic saxophonist no longer headed his own regular band. What was more, various critics had begun to openly wonder if his day had passed, dismissing Hayes’ powerful playing as ‘static’, ‘overlong’ and ‘blasé’. Combined with what was his most personally traumatic time to date, its trials ranging from physical collapse to escalating addictions, it appeared as if this once ubiquitous jazz force was fading from sight.

On live performances, however, it was a different story, Hayes galvanising his already formidable mastery of Hard Bop with a new found appetite for the work of John Coltrane as well as further sharpening his natural command of composition and arrangement. Fortunately, radio broadcasts documented these obsessions in full; BBC recordings from this year capturing both his informal quartet and his star-packed Commonwealth Big Band. This release includes three PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED programmes in full, containing versions of classic Hayes’ themes ‘Change of Setting’ and ‘Don’t Fall Off The Bridge’ together with the first-ever UK performance of his big band showcase ‘100% Proof.’ Hayes’ then partner, US vocalist Joy Marshall, makes a cameo appearance here. An unmissable treat for all fans of vintage British modern jazz!

Features an extensive booklet essay by Hayes’ biographer Simon Spillett.


An unmissable treat for all fans of vintage British modern jazz! All About Jazz
The 31 tracks resound with a wealth of distinctive performances. Russell Newmark The Beat
full of stirring music…a welcome addition to his discography. Scott Yanow LA Jazz Scene
R&B Records has a habit of delving into the dark recesses of long-gone jazz radio and they’ve done it again with this stunning release. Peter Vacher Jazzwise
Overall, this is a superb piece of British Jazz history, and a splendid reminder of the great talent of one of its most impressive heroes. Adam Barach