When the BBC invited pianist/composer and arranger Harry South to front his own big band for a special edition of its flagship radio programme Jazz Club in 1960, few could have predicted the broadcast’s fall-out. Although the Beeb would offer a similar helping hand to other British jazzmen in the decade ahead – making big band leaders of a range of leading figures from Humphrey Lyttelton to Stan Tracey – none of these other bands evolved quite like South’s. Beginning as a showcase for his distinctive, often darkly dramatic, original material, and operating as a ‘jobs for the boys’ forum for those British modernists he felt closest too (among them Tubby Hayes, Dick Morrissey and Joe Harriott) the sheer clout of South’s star-packed aggregation ensured it soon attracted interest from outside the normally closed borders of jazz purism. Indeed, when Yeh Yeh hitmaker Georgie Fame decided to pursue his wider musical ambitions, he chose South and his big band as his collaborators, creating the album Sound Venture, a cross-over classic that has become one of the iconic LPs of the decade.

Assembled from South’s own tape archive, and featuring a wealth of PREVIOUSLY UNISSUED material, including NINE killer Georgie Fame tracks, Further South is both a prequel and sequel to that landmark achievement, a four-disc document of one of the most vibrant times in British music, a souvenir from the days when Swinging London created its very own sound from a heady amalgam of small band Hard Bop, Big Band Swing, R&B and Soul. Containing no fewer than ten complete radio sessions by South’s big band (and two by the Dick Morrissey Quartet) and packaged with rare period photographs and an extensive booklet essay by award-winning saxophonist and author Simon Spillett, this set is a must-have for all fans of British modernism.


These Harry South Big Band broadcast recordings contain modern big band jazz of quite extraordinary power and dynamism – rarely, if ever, equalled since. The Band – led by conductor/arranger/composer South- has just about every modern jazz star of the 1960’s including such luminaries as Tubby Hayes,Ronnie Scott and Dick Morrissey in the sax sections on offer. The Band rips it up on just about every track and culminates – in CD 4 – with Georgie Fame at the microphone with the band in full swing behind him. All in all, a truly remarkable catalogue of music making. But, a word of warning, these recordings are of BBC broadcasts of “Jazz Club” and (I believe) are taken from tapes made of the various transmissions by Harry South himself and are definitely not “Hi-Fi” or anything approaching it – but they are nevertheless priceless in their rarity and musical excellence. In addition to the Big Band broadcasts there are some wonderful sessions recorded by the Dick Morrissey Quartet with no less than Harry South himself on piano and the titanic drumming of Phil Seaman on offer. All in all a fitting tribute to a marvellous set of musicians playing at the peak of their powers in the 1960’s – with the caveat for the audiophiles alongst us as to the far less then perfect sound reproduction! Jonny Dee

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Harry South Big Band
November 10th 1960

1. Southern Horizons Harry South
2. Cooling Off Harry South
3. Sophisticated Lady Ellington/Parrish/Mills
4. I Want To Be Happy Youmans/Caeser
5. All The Things You Are Kern/Hammerstein
6. The Goblin Harry South
7. Save Your Love For Me Johnson
8. Tam O’Shanter Deuchar
9. Jazz at the Paris Harry South
10. Announcements ’60

Dick Morrissey Quartet 1963
11. Down Home 1 Newborn
12. Love For Sale Porter
13. Landslide Land
14. I Married An Angel [take one] Rodgers/Hart
15. I Married An Angel [take two] Rodgers/Hart
16. Down Home 2 [take one] Newborn
17. Minor Incident Harry South
18. The Gypsy Reid
19. Bang! [take one] Reece
20. Bang! [take two] Reece
21. Down Home 2 [take two] Newborn
22. Announcements ’63

Harry South Big Band
May 16th 1964

1. Poncho Harry South
2. The Sound of Seventeen Harry South
3. Alone Together Schwartz/Dietz
4. Raga Harry South
5. Save Your Love For Me Johnson
6. The Goblin Harry South
7. Closing Time Harry South
8. Day In, Day Out Mercer/Bloom
9. Willow Weep for Me Ronnell
10. Time Will Tell Crombie/Green
11. Announcements

Harry South Big Band
Mar 22nd 1965
12. The Sound of Seventeen Harry South
13. Six To One Bar Harry South
14. The Scandinavian Harry South
15. Time Will Tell Crombie/Green
16. This Heart of Mine Warren/Freed
17. Raga Harry South
18. Royal Flush Harry South
19. Announcements ’64

Harry South Big Band
Mar 22nd 1965

1. There and Back Harry South
2. Closing Time Harry South

Harry South Big Band
Nov 8th 1965

1. There And Back Harry South
2. Save Your Love For Me Johnson
3. Costa Fortuna Harry South
4. Afterthought Harry South
5. Six To One Bar Harry South
6. Lush Life Strayhorn
7. North Of The Soho Border Harry South
8. Raga Harry South
9. Last Orders Harry South

Dick Morrissey Quartet
May 10th 1965

10. Get Out Of The Country Morrissey
11. Time After Time Styne/Cahn
12. Blue Mode Harry South
13. Get Out Of Town Porter
14. Come Rain or Come Shine Arlen/Mercer
15. Frankie and Johnny Traditional
16. Announcements ’65

Georgie Fame with Harry South Big Band
Nov 8th 1965

1. Down For The Count
2. Lil’ Darlin’
3. Little Pony

Oct 4th 1966
4. Sunny
5. Dawn Yawn
6. Lovey Dovey

Dec 12th 1966
7. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
8. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
9. Three Blind Mice

Harry South Big Band – Nov 7th 1965
10. Last Orders

Harry South Big Band
Sep 11th 1967

11. Inner Urge
12. Requiem for JB
13. Times Are Changing
14. You Know I Care
15. Limited Freedom
16. Second City Steamer
17. Announcements ’65 2
18. Georgie Fame Interview

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