Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – The Complete Live Broadcasts II 2CD RANDB082

Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – The Complete Live Broadcasts II 2CD RANDB082

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What you have on this 2CD set is a glimpse into Georgie Fame’s world circa 1964/65. It comprises 45 songs recorded for the BBC and others between 1964 and 1965 (mostly in excellent quality sound), including two exciting live audience performances broadcast direct from the legendary Ricky Tick Club in Windsor. Fame was different; he played soul, blues, dance music, ballads, ska/blue beat, vocalese, big band jazz, hillbilly, New Orleans and even World Music, decades before that term was invented. For anyone who wishes to explore this world, the 2CD set you have here offers the very best of guided tours. To quote Georgie from “Night Train”: All aboard children! 16 page booklet with notes by Dave Stephens.

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1.        Let The Sunshine In

2.        Monkeying Around

3.        Eso Beso

4.        This Is Always

5.        In The Meantime

6.        Move It On Over

7.        Soul Stomp

8.        Humpty Dumpty

9.        Last Night

10.     Night Train

11.     Yeh Yeh

12.     Green Back

13.     Let The Sunshine In

14.     Lil’ Darlin’

15.     Walkin’ The Dog

16.     Point Of No Return

17.     In The Meantime

18.     Night Train

19.     Monkeying Around

20.     Yeh Yeh

21.     Let The Sunshine In

22.     Like We Used To Be

23.     Soul Stomp

24.     Sick & Tired



1.        Night Train

2.        Bright Lights, Big City

3.        Walking The Dog

4.        Do-Re-Mi

5.        Let The Sunshine In

6.        You’re Breaking My Heart

7.        I’m Gone

8.        Moody’s Mood

9.        Fools Paradise

10.     Yeh Yeh Hullabaloo

11.     Point of No Return

12.     Walking The Dog

13.     In The Meantime

14.     Monkeying Around

15.     Yeh! Yeh!

16.     Monkeying Around

17.     Like We Used To Be

18.     Down For The Count

19.     Lil’ Darlin’

20.     Little Pony

21.     Do Re Mi