Disc One 1967

  1. See See Rider (Traditional)
  2. A Love Like Yours (Holland/Dozier/Holland)
  3. Shake Rattle And Roll (Jesse Stone)

EDF, Beat Club, Bremen, Jan 21st 1967

  1. Tobacco Road (Loudermilk)
  2. Road Runner (McDaniels)
  3. See See Rider (Traditional)

HR-TV, Beat! Beat! Beat! Offenbach, Jan 29th 1967

  1. All Night Long (The Animals)
  2. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Mann/Weill)
  3. Gin House Blues (Traditional)
  4. When I Was Young (The Animals)
  5. House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional)

Titan Top Radio, Palasport, Bologna June 11th 1967

  1. Good Times (The Animals)

BBC-TV, Dee Time, London, August 17th 1967

  1. When I Was Young (The Animals)
  2. See See Rider (Traditional)
  3. All Night Long (The Animals)
  4. Tobacco Road (Loudermilk)
  5. So Long (The Animals)

3DB Radio, Melbourne Festival Hall, April 21st 1967

  1. Story Of The Animals (The Animals)

BBC-TV Price To Play August 12th 1968

  1. Hey Gyp (Donovan)

Rock City, Festival Of The Flower Children, Woburn, August 27th 1967

  1. San Franciscan Nights (The Animals)
  2. Gin House Blues (Traditional)
  3. Paint It Black (Jagger/Richards)

Monterey Pop June 16th 1967

Disc Two 1968


  1. I’m So Excited (Hooker)
  2. My Life, Baby (The Animals)
  3. Tobacco Road (Loudermilk)
  4. Yes I Have Been Experienced (The Animals)
  5. San Franciscan Nights (The Animals)
  6. Monterey (The Animals)
  7. Paint It Black (Jagger/Richards)

Radiohuset, Stockholm, January 18th 1968

  1. Every Day I Have The Blues (Peter Chatman)
  2. Tobacco Road (Loudermilk)
  3. Monterey (The Animals)
  4. Paint It Black (Jagger/Richards)

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Berlin Bietet Beat, January 12th 1968

  1. Hey Gyp (Donovan)

Christmas on Earth Continued, Olympia, London, December 22nd 1967

  1. When I Was Young (The Animals)
  2. House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional)
  3. San Franciscan Nights (The Animals)

Canadian TV, Let’s Go, Vancouver April 12th 1968

  1. When I Was Young (The Animals)
  2. River Deep, Mountain High (Spector/Greenwich/Barry)

WEWS-TV, Upbeat, Cleveland, November 16th 1968




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There were the Animals and then there were the New Animals, referred to on record as Eric Burdon And The Animals though often known as Eric Burdon And The New Animals for added clarity. The line-up on the band’s 1967 LPs consisted of Barry Jenkins (drums), Danny McCulloch (bass), John Weider (guitar and violin) and Vic Briggs (guitar), with two members of Dantalian’s Chariot joining the band in ’68; Zoot Money (keyboards) and Andy Summers (guitar), who replaced Vic Briggs. Unlike on the sometimes staid BBC recordings, this group can be heard to really stretch out on these live recordings. Whether it was a desire to evoke a late sixties feeling of freedom or merely seeing what they could get away with, it doesn’t matter, this lengthy set provides us with a much greater understanding of what The New Animals were about. Concert recordings from German TV, Swedish Radio, US TV, Italian Radio, UK TV, Australian Radio. Includes 12/16 page booklet by Dave Stephens