The black music scene in post war America was dominated by the emerging urban, electrified R&B scene in Chicago. Nearby Detroit was musically dwarfed, with much of its talent being drawn to the Windy City, but as the 50s drew to a close, things began to change. Detroit’s population bulge coincided with the consumer boom, making its age profile younger than its neighbour’s. Thousands of southern black migrants were joined by many immigrants from Europe come to work in the automobile industry. Henry Ford’s pay was good, and with plenty of disposable income available for its inhabitants, Detroit became the goodtime capital of the USA.

Hundreds of bars, clubs and backroom record labels emerged, hosting a tidal wave of new talent. By 1960, although it was still too early for any definitive Detroit sound to be identifiable, the city was developing a lighter, more popular style than neighbouring Chicago. It was spearheaded by a young man from Gladstone Street, whose distinctive Motown sound went on to dominate the 60s pop charts.

The tracks on these CDs represent the cream of this transitional pre-Motown era, when various labels, artists and producers were putting out popular music that they hoped might get noticed and sell enough to make them rich and famous. In 1963, Detroit had by far the fastest growing black music industry in the USA, not just recorded music but a live gig scene just as prolific. Back then no one knew that Berry Gordy Jr would emerge victorious and define the Detroit sound for the decade that followed.

Sit back and enjoy another batch of Detroit gems.

In the 32 page booklet, each track is given a quarter-page with details of the release plus label shots, period photographs and interesting notes from Keith Rylatt…Overall this is terrific music with great presentation and is a real source for discovery…This compilation should appeal to all readers who have soul in their system… An excellent release and worth investigating.
Blues & Rhythm Keith Scoffham

As with previous History Of Soul product reviewed on this site, the selection has been well thought-out and the presentation is top-notch, appeal here going well beyond the core niche of Detroit devotees.’
Basement Group David Cole. STAR PICK*****


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Disc One

1. I Need You The Van Dellos 
2. Miracles The O’Jays  
3. Troubles Lee Rogers 
4. One Of These Days  David Ruffin  
5. You Knows What To Do  Barrett Strong 
6. Hurricane Of Love  The Four Holidays 
7. Playboy (Don’t You Play In School)  Melvin Davis 
8. All Right The Distants  
9. It’s Gonna Be Hard Times Saundra Mallett 
10. While The Cat’s Away The Barons
11. Mr. Fine Bobbie Smith
12. Money (That’s What I Want) Richard Wylie
13. That’s No Lie Gino Parks
14. Oh Lover Singin Sammy Ward
15. Envy Of Every Man Ty Hunter 
16. Fast Choo Choo Willie Jones
17. She’s My Heart’s Desire The Ohio Untouchables
18. Little Ole Boy-Little Ole Girl  Loe & Joe
19. Too Smart Shorty Long 
20. I Feel It Ruben Fort
21. Thunder In My Heart  Timmy Shaw  
22. Oh Mother Of Mine The Temptations 
23. She Don’t Love Me The Spinners
24. My Baby Won’t Come Back  Martha & Vandellas
25. It Don’t Mean A Thing Calvin Williams
26. I’m So Sorry Mary Wells 
27. Your Love Is Amazing The Ohio Untouchables
28. Save Me From This Misery Richard Street 

Disc Two

1. You Killed The Love (extended) Betty Lavett
2. Any Way You Wanta  Harvey 
3. Let Me Be Your Boy Wilson Pickett
4. Midnight Session (Pt 1) The Merced Bluenotes
5. It Ain’t Love  Johnny West
6. Now He’s Gone  The Dream Girls
7. So Grateful  The Contours
8. Let’s Kiss and Make Up The Falcons
9. Make A Change  Johnny Rodgers 
10. It’s Been A Long Time Yvonne Vernee 
11. A Man’s Confession  The Technics
12. I’m A Lonely Guy  Timmy Shaw
13. What’s My Destiny  Joe Stubbs
14. I Let Myself Go Geraldine Hunt
15. He’s The One That Rings My Bell  Sherri Taylor  
16. It Takes A Lot The Seminoles 
17. Too Far To Turn Around The Sty-Letts 
18. I’m Depending On You Bobby Williams
19. I’m a Coward  Gino Washington 
20. Fortune Teller Tell Me Lamont Dozier
21. Little Girl  Roger Wade
22. Let Me Know Willie Kendricks
23. I’ve Gotten Over You The Sonnettes
24. Poor Little Girl The Taylor Tones
25. My Baby  Mack Rice 
26. Be Good To Your Baby  Gail Noble
27. Mind Over Matter  Nolan Strong 
28. (I Don’t Want No) Part Time Love Benny McCain

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