Many blues fans think that British Blues started with John Mayall. With no disrespect to John, they’re wrong. In 1962 an LP was released on UK Decca from Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated entitled R&B From The Marquee with Cyril Davies on harmonica. Davies’ recorded legacy in his lifetime as frontman and leader of a band was limited to two singles released in 1963. This release gathers together all the extant broadcasts the band made during that same year, the last of which was broadcast on 14 December 1963. Just over three weeks later, on 7 January 1964 he died after collapsing on stage at Eel Pie Island. He was 31. This album is a fitting epitaph to him.
Sound quality: Hullabaloo – excellent, BBC Manchester – very good, BBC London – listenable.

Limited edition 600 copies.