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Virtuoso blues guitarist Bobby Parker inspired John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page and many others yet it has taken 66 years since his recording debut for a proper compilation to be issued under his name. The one you all know, Watch your Step was played on stage by the Beatles in their Hamburg days who by their own admission, took its riff to fashion the opening to I Feel Fine. And let’s not forget Led Zeppelin’s Moby Dick, which borrowed that same riff. What a great soulful blues singer Bobby Parker was too. From his 1956 recording of Titanic, to 1969’s It’s Hard But It’s Fair, we present some unforgettable vocal performances plus guitar instrumentals that showcase his unique way of playing the blues. And there are some unreleased live performances from a radio show broadcast in 1995. Bobby Parker originals are hard to come by – apart from the hit Watch your Step, everything else is a valuable collector’s item. But this compilation brings them all together in one set and we can promise a treat in store for you.

An excellent new 2CD compilation…offers the listener a deep dive into the legacy of a historically significant artist, meriting attention from anyone who can appreciate an organic fusion of blues, soul, a bit of doo-wop and prototypical rock…Bobby Parker’s timeless recordings still pulsate with personality, righteous energy, superb musicianship and soulful flair. If you don’t already know that fact firsthand, Soul Of The Blues is here to enlighten and entertain. Roger Wood Living Blues

This is how all compilations should be done Dave Penny Blues & Rhythm

This two-CD set – the first-ever compilation that focuses solely on his music – should change that. One listen, and you’ll be wondering why he flew under the radar for so long… Run, don’t walk, to buy this one. Bobby Parker was a treasure. This one’s going on my short list for historical album of the year, and, once you hear it, you’ll probably feel the same way, too. Marty Gunther Blues Blast Magazine

(R&B Records) should be congratulated on putting together a comprehensive collection of hard to find material John Mitchell Blues In Britain

All in all the 52 tracks here are a veritable treasure trove of wonderful music. And the presentation of the CD set is superb with a sumptuous booklet…I can’t recommend (it) strongly enough…The definitive Bobby Parker is a dream come true for fans like me – this is the best reissue CD of 2020 for sure. Don’t you dare miss it! John Ridley


4 in stock

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Disc One

  1. Sally Lou  1954
  2. Why Must I Wonder 1954
  3. I’m Looking For A Woman  1955
  4. Titanic  1956
  5. Once Upon A Time, Long Ago 1956
  6. Suggie Duggie Boogie Baby 1956
  7. Up, Up, Up  1956
  8. Blues Get Off My Shoulder 1957
  9. You Got What It Takes  1957
  10. Foolish Love 1959
  11. Stop By My House 1959
  12. Watch Your Step 1961
  13. Steal Your Heart Away  1961
  14. Night Stroll (Pt. 2) 1961
  15. I Got The Blues So Bad  1962
  16. It’s Too Late Darling 1963
  17. Get Right  1963
  18. Gimme Some Lovin’ 1964
  19. Do The Monkey  1964
  20. Don’t Drive Me Away  1965
  21. Keep Away From My Heart  1965
  22. I Won’t Believe It Till I See It  1966
  23. Hard But It’s Fair  1968
  24. Couldn’t Quit My Baby  1968
  25. You Don’t Know (Just How I Feel)  1966
  26. Money, You Never Get Tired Of  1967
  27. Hot Gravy  1967
  28. In Be Tween  1967
  29. Soul Party (Pt. 2)  1968
  30. Both Eyes Open   1968

Disc 2

  1. Born Under A Bad Sign  1995
  2. Everyday I Have The Blues  1995
  3. Bent Out Of Shape  1995
  4. Break It Up  1995
  5. I Call Her Baby  1995
  6. Bobby A-Go-Go 1995
  7. Chicken Wings  1969
  8. Watch Your Step (take 2)   1961
  9. Suggie Duggie Boogie Baby (take 2)  1956
  10. There She Blows   1970
  11. Talkin’ About Love  1967
  12. Why  1966
  13. Soul Party (Pt. 1)  1969
  14. Night Stroll (Pt. 1)  1961
  15. Funky Funky  1970
  16. Bo Diddley  1955
  17. Diddy Wah Diddy  1955
  18. Dancing Girl  1955
  19. Pass the Buck  1956
  20. Give It Up  1956
  21. Big Two Four   1956
  22. South Shore Drive  1956

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