Aside from the music, one of the richest pleasures to be found here is Nick Duckett’s comprehensive and astute liner notes. It’s in Duckett’s writing almost as much as in the songs themselves, that we truly get a feel for the skill, craftsmanship and musical acumen that characterized the work of Henry Glover. Virtually every song in this compilation is addressed, often with in-depth discussions of how Glover crafted the rhythmic patterns, instrumental voicings and textures, and the multi-genre cross-pollinations and borrowings that made this music come alive…Everyone from hard-core aficionados to more mainstream fans who simply love good R&B and blues from the mid-century golden age to the dawning of rock’n’roll will find this an essential addition to their collection. David Whiteis Living Blues Henry Glover was the first producer/writer in the American music industry, paving the way for a host of illustrious followers such as Phil Spector, Leiber & Stoller and Burt Bacharach. Composer, producer, arranger, publisher, talent scout, vocalist, trumpet player, engineer, A&R executive, and, later, a label owner in his own right, Glover was one of the most talented music industry entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. The fact that he was black and working in an exclusively white executive environment makes his achievements all the more remarkable. Glover’s formative years were spent at Cincinnati-based King Records and the majority of hits on that label during its golden era from 1947 to 1958 were Henry Glover productions. He was equally at home with white and black music. His pioneering work with Moon Mullican and Hawkshaw Hawkins combining blues and country predates Elvis Presley’s Sun recordings by several years. Glover tried his hand at doo-wop and rock’n’roll music, but he found his greatest success in the dance craze era of the early 1960s. In later years, Glover channelled his energies into forming his own record label (he launched the careers of The Hawks, who mutated into The Band, and of Nick Ashford). One of his last productions was Muddy Waters’s swansong The Woodstock Album, which won a Grammy in 1975. This 4CD set contains 125 Henry Glover songs sung by Bill Doggett, Bull Moose Jackson, Champion Jack Dupree, The Checkers, Delmore Brothers, Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson, Hank Ballard, Joey Dee, Little Willie John, Lucky Millinder, Lula Reed, Moon Mullican, Roy Brown, Ray Charles, Sonny Thompson, The Swallows, Tiny Bradshaw, Wynonie Harris, The 5 Royales and many more… Includes 28-page booklet RANDB0200 The collection is an absolute cracker. Fred Rothwell - Blues & Rhythm Produced as CD-R (professionally manufactured recordable CD printed for short run) as opposed to CD-P (professionally manufactured pressed CDs made in quantities of 500+). All CDs whether CD-R or CD-P are 100% guaranteed error free. Discs will always be replaced if any problems are encountered.