Jeff Beck

  • By the time the Yardbirds recorded the tracks on this LP they were no longer simply “most blueswailing” but were also recording catchy and successful pop songs. New lead guitarist Jeff Beck is in fine form over 15 live performances, none of which have been previously released. A rare cover image and detailed sleeve notes complete this package. Side One contains recordings from Ready Steady Go. Side Two has tracks from US and European TV networks.    
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    Jeff Beck Group - Radio Sessions 1967 SIDE ONE 1. ROCK MY PLIMSOUL* (Rod) 2. TALLYMAN* (Gouldman) 3. HI HO SILVER LINING* (English/Weiss) 4. I'M LOSING YOU (Whitfield/Holland/Grant) 5. LET ME LOVE YOU (Rod) 6. STONE CRAZY (Guy) 7. I AIN'T SUPERSTITIOUS (Dixon) SIDE TWO 1. I AIN'T SUPERSTITIOUS (Dixon) 2. BECK'S BOLERO (Page) 3. YOU'LL NEVER GET TO HEAVEN (Bacharach/David) 4. LOVING YOU IS SWEETER THAN EVER (Holland/Dozier/Holland) 5. YOU SHOOK ME (Dixon) 6. IT'S ALRIGHT (Mayfield) 7. INTERVIEW ONE 8. INTERVIEW TWO R&B28