Soul LPs

    1. Watch Your Step
    2. It's Hard But It's Fair
    3. Titanic
    4. I Won't Believe It Till I See It
    5. Don't Drive Me Away
    6. Do The Monkey
    7. Blues Get Off My Shoulder
    8. Keep Away From My Heart
    9. Night Stroll (Pt. 2)
    1. It's Too Late Darling
    2. Steal Your Heart Away
    3. I Couldn't Quit My Baby
    4. Once Upon A Time, Long Ago, Last Night
    5. You Got What It Takes
    6. Gimme Some Lovin'
    7. Get Right
    8. Hot Gravy
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    Side ONE 1. Oily  Juggy 2. Tears And Misery  Sonny Til 3. I'm Just A Poor Boy  Bonnie Floyd 4. Keep On Laughin' Baby  Ila Vann 5. Warm And Tender Love  Rene Bailey 6. Standing On The Outside Looking In  Pete Parker 7. Try Me And See  Ruth Brown 8. Try A Little Love  Charles Hodges Side TWO 1. Funky 8 Corners (Inst.)  Willie & The Mighty Magnificents 2. Try Try Try  Mighty Joe Drake 3. So Much To Give  Curtis Blandon 4. They Don't Make Women Like You Anymore  Prince Harold 5. You Don't Live Twice  Charlie Thomas 6. Losing Comes  Gladys Patrick 7. Hang Loose  Ronnie Mitchell 8. (I Only See Him) On The Weekend  Lilly Fields HS24
  • Side ONE 1.  Stuff  Jeanette Williams 2. I Ain't Gonna Take It  Johnny Copeland 3. I Met My Guy  Heti Lloyd 4. (Gimme Back) My Love   Paulette Parker 5. It's All Over  John Roberts 6. Let Me Hear It From You  Chuck McLean 7. I Don't Want To Beg   Shirley Butler Side TWO 1.  The Cat  Calvin Owens & The Fascinators 2. My Prayer  Benny Harper 3. Everything About You  James Taylor 4. Mr Independent  Soul Twins 5. Must Be Love  Eddie Wilson 6. Find A Man That Satisfies  Luvenia Lewis 7. Sweet Daddy Soul  Lamp Sisters HS23
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    Side One 1.  Soul Power (Pt. 1)     The Soul Powers 2. Pony Express  Walter Washington & The Soul Powers 3. When I Wanna See You  Klicky Robinson 4. Little Boy Blue  Little Buck 5. Love Is So Real  The Barons 6. I've Got Reasons  Mary Jane Hooper 7. Bring Your Love Home To Me  Donald Lee Richardson 8. Katty's Thing   Anthony Butler & The Invaders Side Two 1.  I Got It Bad  Chuck Johnson 2. The President Of Soul  Rockie Charles 3. Pennsylvania Coalyard Blues  Skip Easterling 4. Back In Mother's Arms  Curley Moore 5. Love Is Like Fire (I Just Got Burned)  Calvin Lee 6. Bad Bad Understanding  Lee Bates 7. There Ought To Be A Law  Tab Thomas HS22
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    Side One 1.  Little Buster I Got A Good Thing Going 2. 1 + 1 Love's Gonna Live Here 3. Janet & The Jays   Without A Reason 4. Marjorie Ingram A Good Man Is Hard To Find 5. Junior Parker  Way You Make Me Feel 6. Rodge Martin When She Touches Me 7. Norm West Baby Please 8. The Triumphs  Turn Out The Light Side Two 1.  Janet & The Jays Hurting Over You Boy 2. Marjorie Ingram  I Have No Right To Love You 3. Jeb Stuart  I’ve Got To Cut You Loose 4. Modern Soul Trio That's Where It's At 5. Rodge Martin  Lovin' Machine 6. Veniece Let's Stop 7. Norm West  Hey Little Girl 8. Bobby Foster  Soothe Me Baby HS21
  • Side ONE 1. Satisfaction 2. My Girl 3. Respect 4. Pain In My Heart/Can’t Turn You Loose/Shake 5. Land Of 1000 Dances 6. Respect 7. Try a Little Tenderness 8. Knock on Wood Side TWO 1. Day Tripper 2. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa 3. My Girl 4. Shake 5. I've Been Loving You Too Long 6. Satisfaction 7. Try a Little Tenderness HS20
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    Side ONE 1. Don’t Leave Me Louie Palmer 2. Make Up Your Mind Eddie Floyd 3. I'm Not Through Loving You Lattimore Brown 4. Dancing Annie Ted Taylor 5. Sweetie Pie Homer Banks 6. What Made You Change Your Mind Bobby King 7. Papa's New Bag Ain't Nothing But A Hag Francine Carr Side TWO 1. Tender Love George Jackson 2. You Really Fooled Me Chris Harris 3. Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometimes Roy Arlington 4. Born Loser Larry Blakely 5. Mistreated Blues Willie Cobbs 6. A Whole Lot Of Tears Jeb Stuart 7. Early In The Morning Four Kings HS19
  • Side ONE 1. (I've Given) All My Love Patti Austin 2. Mr Rainmaker Pat Lundy 3. I'm Just Gonna Be Missing You Rene Bailey 4. Take My Heart And Soul Ortheia Barnes 5. I Can't Wait Any Longer Big Maybelle 6. Sit Down And Cry Jean Wells 7. Twice As Much For My Baby Little Charles 8. You Got 'Em Beat Soul Sisters Side TWO 1. My New Found Joy Jimmy Richards 2. Open Up Your Heart Mamselles 3. People Sure Act Funny Titus Turner 4. Check Yourself Debbie Taylor 5. Young Boy Blues Little Buster 6. Guilty (Of Love In The 1st Degree) Little Jimmie Ballard 7. Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do Judy White 8. I Can't Help Loving You Jimmy Breedlove HS18
  • Side ONE 1. Satisfied With Your Love Barbara George 2. The Sweetest I Knew Clemmon Smith 3. Horse with a Freeze Pt. 1 Roy Ward 4. Like I Like It Prince Royals 5. Do The Sissy Charley Simmons & Royal Imperials 6. Can't Stay Away Fabuletts 7. True Love Of A Man Guitar Ray Side TWO 1. Got To Keep Hanging On Vicki Labatt 2. She Really Did Surprise Me Willie Tee 3. Suffering Sonny Jones 4. Action Time Charley Wynn 5. Funky Soul Train Robert Parker 6. If I Had To Do It Over Eddie Bo 7. One Little Word Marilyn Barbarin HS17
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    Side ONE 1. Grab Your Clothes (And Get On Out) Minnie Epperson 2. Today's Man Mark Putney 3. Cold Cold World Tommy Jackson 4. Where Have You Been Buddy Lamp 5. A Piece Of Gold Bobby "Blue" Bland 6. Say Ya'll Carl Stewart 7. Gotta Pack My Bag Ernie K-Doe 8. I Want Everyone To Know O V Wright Side TWO 1. Why Don't They Leave Us Alone Little Carl Carlton 2. Do What You Want To James Lynn Marsh 3. Something's Got A Hold On Me Jeanette Williams 4. (Treat Me) Like I Was Your Only Child Oscar Perry 5. Hello Mr Blues Frankie Lee 6. Got You On My Mind Joe Hinton 7. Down With It Joe Medwick 8. It's Your Woman Shirley Butler HS16
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    Side ONE 1. A Taste Of The Good Life LITTLE CHARLES 2. Running Out BONGI & JUDY 3. Three Hundred And Sixty Five Days DONALD HEIGHT 4. 40 Days - 40 Nights DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS 5. Four Walls J J JACKSON 6. Make Love To Me JOHNNY THUNDER & RUBY WINTERS 7. Because I Love You SHIRLEY WAHLS 8. Lights Out ZERBEN R HICKS Side TWO 1. Another Lovin' Kind Of Feelin' BILLY & WOLFE 2. Blow My Cool JOE BECK 3. No One Could Ever Love You FREDDIE SCOTT 4. Don't Mess With My Money JESSE GEE 5. Please Come Back JIMMY TATE 6. Tears Tears Tears BEN E. KING 7. Baby Come Back To Me BOBBY HARRIS 8. The Next In Line HOAGY LANDS HS15
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    Side One 1. You Better Know What You're Doing CARLIES ALLEN 2. Hold On Help Is On The Way G DAVIS & R TYLER 3. Ain't That Satisfaction SAMMY KING 4. A Hard Nut To Crack AARON NEVILLE 5. 99 44% Pure Love AL REED 6. I'm Too Far Gone CHARLES MANN 7. You Got Me Helpless BEVERLY BROWN 8. I Got Soul TONY OWENS Side Two 1. Time And Time Again JOHNNY ADAMS 2. Call The Sheriff SENATOR JONES 3. The Glide CHARLES BRIMMER 4. If You're Gonna Love Me BOONEY TAYLOR 5. Funky Pete GUITAR RAY 6. Stop These Teardrops TAMMY MCKNIGHT 7. I've Got A Feeling THE BARONS 8. I've Got To Get Away From You CURTIS JOHNSON HS14