British 60s LPs

  • Side One
    1. Sabre Dance ‘69
    2. Wang Dang Doodle
    3. Promised Land
    4. The Inner Light
    5. The Stumble
    6. Brand New Woman
    7. Farandole
    1. Sabre Dance ‘68
    2. (Do I Figure In) Your Life
    3. River To Another Day
    4. Don’t Answer The Door
    5. Sweet Little Rock & Roller
    6. Great Balls Of Fire
    7. Evening
    Personnel   Dave Edmunds – guitar, vocals John Williams – bass Bob ‘Congo’ Jones - drums     Recording Details   Side A: 5, 6, Side B: 2, 3, 5 Top Gear recorded 2.4.68, transmitted 21.4.68 Side A: 2, 3, Side B: 1, 4*, 6 Top Gear recorded 16.9.68, transmitted 6.10.68 (*3.11.68) Side A: 1, 4, 7, Side B: 6, 7 Top Gear recorded 28.1.69, transmitted 9.3.69
  • Eleven tracks of high quality rock’n’roll feature on this LP from The Rolling Stones previously-undocumented tour of Europe 1970. This set was recorded for French radio and features the band playing with a horn section for the first time and no less than three Chuck Berry covers. Also included are Dead Flowers and Brown Sugar from the yet-to-be released Sticky Fingers LP. Comes with full sleeve notes and credits. All tracks recorded live at Palais de Sports, Paris on September 22nd 1970,broadcast on French Radio Europe 1 Personnel Mick Jagger - lead vocals, harmonica Keith Richards- guitar, vocals Mick Taylor - guitar Bill Wyman - bass guitar Charlie Watts - drums Bobby Keys - saxophone Jim Price - trumpet
    1. Rattlesnake Shake
    2. Underway
    3. Stranger Blues
    4. World In Harmony
    5. Tiger
    1. The Green Manalishi
    2. Coming Your Way
    3. Great Balls Of Fire
    4. Twist and Shout
  • SIDE ONE 1. Three Button Hand Me Down 2. Shake, Shudder, Shiver 3. Had Me A Real Good Time 4. Pineapple And The Monkey 5. It's All Over Now   SIDE TWO 1. I Don’t Want To Discuss It 2. Wicked Messenger 3. Devotion 4. I Feel So Good Recording Details 1 recorded for Dave Lee Travis on March 10th, broadcast March 15th 2 - 4 recorded for Top Gear March 9th, broadcast March 28th 5 - 9 recorded for John Peel’s Sunday Concert, Paris Theatre on June 25th, broadcast July 5th
  • By the time the Yardbirds recorded the tracks on this LP they were no longer simply “most blueswailing” but were also recording catchy and successful pop songs. New lead guitarist Jeff Beck is in fine form over 15 live performances, none of which have been previously released. A rare cover image and detailed sleeve notes complete this package. Side One contains recordings from Ready Steady Go. Side Two has tracks from US and European TV networks.    
  • That was the invite we got when we tuned in to the best music show in the UK, nay, in the world every Friday evening from August 9, 1963 to December 23, 1966. The LP you have in your hands contains 13 tracks from the Animals on RSG, from 1965 and 1966, an interview with Eric Burdon and 3 tracks from the Richmond Jazz & Blues Festival in August 1965. For the latter occasion the boys had supplemented their stage presence by brass and horn players – with several being British jazzers of some repute – and had christened the new ensemble, The Animals Big Band. The Big Band “extras” appear again on the opening tracks of this album, “Let The Good Times Roll” and “Talkin’ Bout You” and demonstrate that the experiment worked superbly. No British band has ever sounded this close to an American black jump blues outfit before. R&B64  
  • Side One
    1. Overture
    2. It’s A Boy
    3. 1921
    4. Amazing Journey
    5. Sparks
    6. Eyesight To The Blind
    7. Christmas
    8.The Acid Queen Side Two
    1. Pinball Wizard
    2. Do You Think It’s Alright?
    3. Fiddle About
    4. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
    5. There’s A Doctor
    6. Go To The Mirror
    7. Smash The Mirror
    8. Miracle Cure
    9. Sally Simpson
    10. I’m Free
    11. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
    12. We’re Not Gonna Take It
  • Side One Heaven And Hell I Can't Explain Fortune Teller Tattoo A Quick One While He's Away Side Two Substitute Happy Jack I'm A Boy My Generation
  • Side One (Empire Theatre, Liverpool 7th December 1963)
    1. From Me To You
    2. I Saw Her Standing There
    3. All My Loving
    4. Roll Over Beethoven
    5. Boys
    6. Till There Was You
    7. She Loves You
    8. This BoySide Two
      1. I Want To Hold Your Hand
      2. Money
      3. Twist And Shout
      4. From Me To You/Third Man Theme
      5. I Saw Her Standing There/She Loves You
      6. Twist And Shout/From Me To You
      7. All My Loving
      8. She Loves You/Twist And Shout
      Side Two Tracks 1 – 4: Empire Theatre, Liverpool 7th December 1963; Track 5: Little Theatre, Southport 27th August 1963; Track 6: Albert Hall, London 18th April 1963; Track 7: Elstree Studios, Borehamwood 2nd December 1963; Track 8: Manchester 20th November 1963
  • Side One
    1. One Sided Love* (Danny Kirwan)
    2. Stop Messin’ Around (Peter Green & C.G. Adams)
    3. San Ho-Zay (Freddie King & Sonny Thompson)
    4. Albatross (Peter Green)
    5. Tallahassie Lassie (Crewe/Slay/Picariello)
    Side Two
    1. Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
    2. Twist & Shout (Phil Medley & Bert Berns)
    3. I’m Worried (Clarence Lewis/Elmore James)
    4. Like It This Way* (Danny Kirwan)
    5. The World Keep On Turning (Peter Green)
    6. Rattlesnake Shake (Peter Green)
    All tracks recorded at Congresgebouw, The Hague on 28.02.69 for Dutch TV except side two tracks 3-6 recorded at Njardhallet, Oslo on 3.11.69 for Norwegian TV. Sound quality: Despite careful remastering, the tracks from The Hague tend towards the trebly; the Oslo tracks are of better quality but are not soundboard recordings. Peter Green - guitar, vocals Jeremy Spencer - guitar, maracas, vocals Danny Kirwan - guitar, vocals, lead vocals* John McVie - bass Mick Fleetwood – drums Sleevenotes: Milton Schlitz The first part of this record is devoted to Fleetwood Mac in concert at The Hague on the evening of February 28th 1969. By starting at the unusually early time of 7.15 the band were also able to fit in a second performance at midnight in Amsterdam, 66 km away. Opener One Sided Love is a cautiously paced Danny Kirwan original that was not recorded in the studio. Stop Messin’ Around is a co-write between Peter Green and manager Clifford Davis, here using his C.G Adams pseudonym. Taken at a fast shuffle the song showcases some wildly exciting guitar interplay between Green and Kirwan. San Ho-Zay is a Freddie King instrumental from 1961 which never appeared on a Fleetwood Mac LP. Albatross is enthusiastically received: released as a single the previous November it reached Number Two in the Norwegian singles chart. The pounding cover of Freddy Cannon’s Tallahassie Lassie gives the Flamin’ Groovies 1972 version some serious competition. A raucous Blue Suede Shoes puts Jeremy Spencer in the spotlight: some very authentic backing vocals fail to completely mask some dodgy Spencer vocal improvisation. The broadcast ends with a snippet of Twist and Shout that sounds more like the Clash than the Beatles. The four songs included here were recorded in front of an all-seated and somewhat sedate audience for Norwegian TV during November 1969. I’m Worried is an Elmore James number, otherwise unrecorded by the band. Like It This Way never featured on a Fleetwood Mac studio LP but here showcases the ability of Danny Kirwan and Peter Green to trade call-and-response guitar riffs in a way that would be copied (badly) by many other bands. When Kirwan breaks a string Green plays a solo electric version of The World Keep On Turning originally recorded on the band’s self-titled debut LP. Rattlesnake Shake was the first single released from third album Then Play On but it did badly on both sides of the Atlantic, causing Oh Well to be released as a much more successful follow up. Rattlesnake Shake proved to be a very popular live number with a powerful riff, an undulating rhythm and risqué lyrics. Whilst this is a relatively compact version, the song could be open-ended as Mick Fleetwood explained. "It incorporated the freedom to go off on a tangent, to jam. We learned that as players. You hear that alive and well in the double-time structure that I put in at the end, which on stage could last half an hour. It was our way of being in The Grateful Dead.” The breadth of material - both covers and originals - is truly remarkable. We are delighted to finally bring some of these more obscure tracks to public attention: they are every bit as enjoyable as their better known siblings.
  • Sale!
    Side One
    1. Foxy Lady
    2. Purple Haze
    3. Purple Haze
    4. Wild Thing
    5. The Wind Cries Mary
    6. Hey Joe
    Side Two
    1. Hey Joe
    2. Stone Free
    3. Wild Thing
    4. Stone Free
    5. Like a Rolling Stone
    6. Purple Haze
    1. Sympathy For The Devil (Jagger/Richards)
    2. Stray Cat Blues (Jagger/Richards)
    3. Prodigal Son (Robert Wilkins)
    4. You Gotta Move (McDowell/Rev. Gary Davies)
    1. Love In Vain (Robert Johnson)
    2. Live With Me (Jagger/Richards)
    3. Gimme Shelter (Jagger/Richards)
    4. Little Queenie (Chuck Berry)
    5. Satisfaction (Jagger/Richards)