SOHO SCENE ’64 Jazz Goes Mod LP

SOHO SCENE ’64 Jazz Goes Mod LP


Side One
1. Night Talk Directions In Jazz/Johnny Scott
2. The Killers Of W1 Tubby Hayes Big Band
3. Rustic Gait Directions In Jazz/Ronnie Ross
4. Mark 1 Johnny Dankworth
5. Times Two And A Half Bill Le Sage & The New Directions In Jazz Unit

Side Two
1. El Soulo Les McCann
2. Feeling Good Ahmad Jamal
3. Rattlesnake Monty Alexander
4. Blues For Mister Charlie #1 Bobby Sharp
5. Broadway Caravan Clifford Scott
6. Little Suzie Ray Bryant
7. Nightingale Willis Jackson
8. Champin’ Eddie Chamblee

Recording first published 1964



In 1964, live jazz was under threat from the burgeoning demand for rhythm and blues. Club nights were closing and fewer jazz records were being issued. However, real aficionados were congregating in Soho, where clubs like the Flamingo were still playing innovative jazz tunes from America as well as showcasing Britain’s top jazz combos. On hot, sweaty nights in dimly lit basement clubs, music really mattered with the cool cat West End audience. Pour yourself a drink, put this record on LOUD and get into the 1960s jazz groove.

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